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68% of B2B buyers now purchase goods online according to Uncovering the Shifting Landscape in B2B Commerce (Acquity Group, 2014).

Let’s say you run a B2B wholesale distribution or manufacturing company. You’re wondering if selling your products online is something for you. You decide to Google “e­Commerce”. Boom. 360 million results! Your head is spinning. You try to read through some of the pages. Sadly, the topic is so broad, you’re not really getting the specific wholesale distribution or manufacturing answers you’re looking for. Why is that? Because B2B e­Commerce is not B2C, or retail e­Commerce. It’s something else.

What you can expect from Sana Commerce and Dynavics

It’s true that B2B and B2C web stores both have search, navigation, detailed product information and personal account history pages. But the similarities fade soon afterwards. B2B does not embody the same challenges B2C does. Most B2B businesses have complex ordering processes, large collections of attributes and elaborate back end systems. Setting up can seem very long and complex, since a lot more information needs to be processed. But there’s a shortcut.

Using your ERP system as the start – and centre – of your web store makes setting up easy as 123. Your sales portal can be set up right out of the box, without a big investment. It takes full advantage of the information that is already stored inside your ERP. This makes your web store and your ERP perfect partners.

So logically, Dynavics and Sana Commerce have decided to partner up. Dynavics as your ERP system’s experts, and Sana, as your web store solution vendors who can leverage it. This gives you, as a Dynavics customer, the chance to benefit from your ERP, meet the needs of your customers and even anticipate/exceed them!

Sana Commerce Integrations

B2B buyers want the freedom to purchase goods whenever and wherever it suits them. They want to see the right stock level, their order history and their own negotiated discounts.

By using your ERP system as foundation for your B2B e­Commerce portal, you can, among many other things, avoid having to replicate complex pricing matrices, ordering conditions, or order history. It all leads to greater efficiency. Your B2B e­Commerce setup process will be more efficient.

Your sales team will be more efficient by focusing on gaining new business instead of being bogged down with repeat orders. And finally, your customers will enjoy more efficiency by placing routine repeat orders with more ease.

Sana Commerce - B2B Webstore on a laptop

So no need to Google any further; eCommerce is also for you. Feel free to contact us for advice on starting your B2B e­Commerce portal!

Your B2B eCommerce portal for Dynamics 365

Sana eCommerce uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bring together all of your product information and business intel, creating a powerful, user-friendly web store. By having a real-time eCommerce interface integrated with your back-office Dynamics 365 system, you can have real-time, accurate, business logic:

  • 100% integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • No waiting time for customers with 24/7 access

  • Installation, full integration, configuration and go-live within 7 days

  • Saves time and money

  • Greater loyalty from your customers

  • Boosts sales with the app – an additional sales channel, even offline

What do you get out of the box?

You can start selling straight away; the starter site comes with a neutral, standard and contemporary design that can be used instantly. You can then configure your online store to any detail easily, whether it’s your branding, store’s identity, content, product descriptions, images, etc.

Key features include search functionality, coupons, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-store, sales-rep login and an account page overview for order history, status, etc. The starter site also contains the extensive content management system and features to increase sales by recommending related items to your online shoppers.

Sana Commerce on Windows tablet device

Interested in working with Dynavics and Sana Commerce?

To find out more about integrating your B2B web store with your ERP system contact Dynavics today!

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