Choosing to integrate Tasklet’s WMS solution is quick, easy and seamless with the help of Dynavics.

About Tasklet Factory

Tasklet Factory supports the work processes in the warehouse and integrates with standard functions of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV.

Using Mobile WMS will enable higher productivity from warehouse staff and better accuracy of inventory data, designed to be easily extended with custom functionality and modified directly within your existing ERP system.

Not only will using Tasklet Factorys Mobile WMS enable higher productivity with it’s user friendly interface, the offline functionality makes it possible to perform core work processes without a network connection.

What you can expect from Tasklet

  • Put Away – Assign a bin to received items
  • Pick -Picking of single or consolidated orders
  • Item Dimension – Add or maintain unit of measure codes, including quantity per unit, measurements, and weight of an item
  • Adjust Quantity – Complete a negative adjustment and provide a reason code
  • Item Cross Reference – Associate or add a barcode to an existing item
  • Locate Item – Look-up the bin, the available quantity, and the product data of an item
  • Unplanned Count – Perform unplanned counts
  • Adjust Quantity – complete a negative adjustment and provide a reason code