A HR Integrated Payroll Solution for Business Central that brings Human Resources, Payroll, and Finance together – all within your ERP system.

About SiriusPayroll365

Part of the Dogma group, Sirius App streamlines the repetitive task of HR consisting of Timesheets, Payroll sheets, and tracking newly hired employees.

Sirius Payroll 365 is a simple, affordable HMRC-recognised payroll solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Your HR and Finance departments can ensure accuracy, timeliness, and compliance with this application. This is also verified, approved and available in Microsoft App Source.

Dynavics work with Sirius Payroll to help provide customers with a complete payroll process in one place, which works seamlessly with their Business Central ERP system.

Benefits of SiriusPayroll365

Not only does SiriusPayroll365 mange your finance with Dynamics 365 Business Central integration, but is also HMRC-recognised. Links to HMRC to automate submissions and manage your employees in real-time through Dynamics 365 HR integration, leave and holidays synchronization to SiriusPayroll365 and synced calendars.

Some key benefits are;

  • Simplify payroll processing and management.
  • Keep your organisation compliant with legislation.
  • Brings your payroll, financial, and employee data together.

Find out more about how SiriusPayroll365 works with Dynamics 365 Business Central.