Accelerated and precise streamlined document capture and expense management system solutions.

About Continia

Integrated for use with Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV, Continia solutions provide an accelerated and precise streamlined document capture and expense management solution.

Keeping track of employee expenses, managing documentation, and ensuring timely and accurate reporting can be a complex operation when you lack the right tools and support.

With Continia, all these tasks become easier to coordinate and control, from the end-user level, all the way to management.

Continia Document Capture

Continia integrates seamlessly into Dynamics 365 offering solutions which facilitate the easy scanning and uploading of vendor invoices once received. Each invoice line can then be automatically matched to already generated purchase orders, making the approval processes for payment easier and faster to undertake.

The ability to simply view and act on invoices pending approval is also strengthened. The approver can deal with this task while also on the go, helping to speedily conclude those financial transactions.

This document capture capability not only helps speed up the approval process but also removes the need for manual document handling and data entry. Users can easily retrieve invoice documents using text search on fully indexed PDF documents. This retrieval also makes a higher level of accounting or auditing easier to undertake.

  • Document scanning and registration
  • Full indexing of PDF documents
  • Invoice-to-purchase order matching
  • Real-time payment approvals

Continia Automated Expense Handling

Continia provides users with the capability to easily make an account of expenses while on the go. Through Microsoft Dynamics, users can send in their travel expenses using the Expense App from whatever remote location. This is done by entry from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Being able to immediately update expenses on the go means less time is wasted at the end of the day or business trip. There is also better accuracy in accounting as bills are updated as they are incurred.

Accountants and bookkeepers also enjoy faster reconciliation as they can immediately pair each expense with its corresponding credit card transactions. Any discrepancies can be quickly identified and a notification sent to the user for correction.

Management can easily access up-to-date expense reports and make fast approvals. This provides a better-streamlined process for reimbursement of out-of-pocket employee expenses. They can also monitor each employee’s expenses and better analyse and determine how this ties in with their performance in other areas.

Continia provides a versatile top to bottom expense accounting system that makes reporting more efficient, accurate, and better controlled.


  • Remote expense submissions
  • Easy linkage between credit card expense claims and registered receipts
  • Smooth reimbursement process for employee expenses
  • Automated workflows for faster reporting and reconciliation

Web Approval Portal

The web portal is integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV to allow users access to pending approval expenses and documents even when they have no direct access to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV. This is done via the web browser on their smartphone, tablet, or PC and upon accessing the Continia Web Approval Portal. It provides them with the same document capture and expense management functionality.

An overview of pending approval vendor invoices, sales orders, expenses, and mileage is achieved without the need for any additional installation. Approvals can be carried out in real-time and remotely. The approver must, however, take up a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV Limited User license.

Document Output

The Continia Document Output function provides over 20 predefined email templates that make it easy to automatically link documents and send them to customers. Arranged according to document type, these email templates can be customised in terms of presentation. Users can also review email activity through activity logs. This provides a good overview of reports and how they have been shared. Dynamics Business Central/NAV also provides users with the option of printing documents at pre-determined intervals.