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More about Adyen

Adyen is an all-in-one payments platform that enriches customer experience and boosts business growth. This integrated solution for Business Central/NAV developed by Dynavics, enables payments to be processed through LS Retail and Sales Orders.

Adyen is a single payments platform that simplifies the process of closing sales with customers. It provides a unified approach to facilitating all payment methods, anywhere in the world, and on any device. A highly adaptable technology, it offers businesses the opportunity to customise its features in response to customer needs and desires.

Adyen Online Payments

Make digital payments an easy to complete task for customers by enabling this function on any device and channel. With easy access to a wide variety of payment methods, you can boost your revenues by achieving better conversion rates. This function also provides users with the ability to enable and manage discounts, loyalty programs, and rewards using payment linked data. Customisation can also extend to payment flows, advertising, invoices, receipts, taxes, and languages.

Whether your business is a B2C, B2B, or subscription-based, this technology will help you facilitate all manner of payment methods, with customisable and flexible functionality that caters to each unique business environment.

  • Global coverage covering all popular payment methods, currencies, and languages
  • Optimisation during customer engagement to maximise potential conversion rates
  • Customisation that matches the particular business environment for better speed of delivery
  • Single interface dashboards for managing, controlling, and reporting
  • Enhanced fraud protection through AI-powered and rule-based risk system

Adyen POS Payments

Adyen provides an easy POS payments system thanks to its single platform for all sales channels. A tailored solution for all retail businesses, it simplifies and optimises payment transactions so that more time can be spent building the business rather than catering to payment processes. The Adyen platform is integrated into the Business Central/NAV to allow payments to be taken through LS Retail.

It can be adapted to work with any type of business, store, and shopping experience. This ability to match up to any new technology and business environment to deliver the same high standard of experience ensures satisfied clientele, in any part of the world. By providing a single data view for payments across all sales channels and devices, the customer experience is guaranteed, wherever they are doing their shopping.

Simplified Payments Setup

The Adyen payment platform merges with just about any business model, making the movement of funds easy and compliant with global standards. By integrating with existing systems, allowing flexibility of choice when choosing features, and configuring payments as and when needed, a better user experience is achieved.

This simple model can be replicated across multiple sales channels and locations, enabling for smoother global expansion and recognition of your brand. PSD2-ready and fully compliant in Europe means you have all you need to gain approval from regulators across the market. Keeping up with ever-changing regulations is also made easier by the ability to add and remove payment methods at the touch of a button.

Unified Commerce

Where your business takes advantage of varied channels like online, in-app, and physical store locations to complete sales transactions, a unified commerce experience will go a long way in ensuring a smooth checkout. This consistency is something customers have come to appreciate and ensures faster checkouts as they find themselves familiar with the processes. Shopper recognition and loyalty programs also help to enhance the user experience and provide valuable data.

With a clear overview of all sales channels, outlet locations, and payment methods, strategic decisions can be better informed and undertaken in a timely fashion. The insights provided can help to better chart the direction of operational growth and how to approach new markets.