How does Business Central sit within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 eco-system…

An all-in-one Enterprise Resource Management for small and medium sized companies that sits within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ecosystem alongside other ERP Solutions from Microsoft.

Business Central enables your company to streamline business processes and manage all components of your business, including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services and so much more. Business Central is highly adaptable and can easily add functionality from other Dynamics 365 products and can be customized to support specialized industries.

Dynamics Business Central is unique in that it can work in tangent with other Dynamics 365 products.

Moving from outdated, outgrown systems has never been easier with the help of Dynavics.

Connect your financials, sales, service, and operations

Dynavics are here to support you in making the switch from other restricted financial and business software products to the more streamlined, scalable cloud-based ERP for small businesses.

The next generation of business applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an all-in-one cloud-based suite of tools for businesses looking for an end-to-end business application.

  • Engage customers and build relationships by creating personalised marketing, sales and service experiences using data and intelligence to optimise every interaction across your business.
  • Optimise business operations – improve service levels, drive increased efficiency right across the business and reduce operational costs using intelligence and guidance drawn from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of applications.
  • Transform your products and services by identifying new market opportunities and exploiting these with innovative products and exceptional customer experiences, utilising the comprehensive view of your customers and operations gained by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the associated applications.

Hosted purely in the Cloud, powered by Data and Intelligence.

Quickly and easily add Dynamics 365 applications as your business grows and your targets change. The suit of tools is ideal for businesses looking for a flexible, scalable solution to solve problems in staffing, resourcing, inventory, marketing, sales and so much more.

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