Customise the look and features of your Business Central Role Center.

No longer rely on developers to add groups, tiles and actions, with the capabilities included in the Dynavics Role Center Manager extension.

Are you spending too much time searching for information? Is this affecting the decisions you are making, and costing you money? Do you want to be in control of how you see things?

Data is such a powerful insight for any business, but sometimes it is difficult to interpret. Too much time can be spent seeking and consolidating data, meaning it takes too long to make informed decisions. Nobody wants to miss an opportunity or be left behind by the competition because they haven’t been able to deliver or adapt in time.

Focus on what’s important to you.

With the Role Center Manager, personalise and create visual dashboards specific to you or your department’s needs. Improve your efficiency by transforming your landing page and have it focus on key business areas, to improve decision making. Our app lets you focus on what is important to you, whether that’s managing credit control and chasing invoices, monitoring expected purchase orders or even reporting today’s sales output.