Provide a personalised catalogue and pricing structure for your customers.

Controlled through a secure login area.

Our Extranet add-on provides you with a place to provide a personalised catalogue and pricing structure for your customers.

View and manage their open orders, allowing them to edit, delete or submit an order for review.

Download their catalogue to Excel where they can add quantities and then upload for submission.

View their order history, including details of each order and the current shipping status.

Manage their shipping addresses. They can create and modify addresses, which they can immediately select from when submitting an order, reducing manual input!

Reset their own password, avoiding time consuming emails and phone calls (passwords are stored encrypted for increased security).

Customise the look and feel of a users account.

You can customise the look and feel of a users account by setting the company logo, changing the colour scheme and providing a splash image that is displayed to the user on the homepage when they login.

User accounts are created and associated with your customers in Business Central, where you can easily manage their account permissions including functions such as disabling or resetting passwords. You are in control of the menu structure on the portal and you define the catalogue and prices to show for a customer.

With the Extranet being in real-time with Dynamics 365 Business Central, any changes you make are instantly shared with your customer base. It even supports multi-language, allowing the user to easily switch between their preferred language!