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What our clients say...

What our clients say...

"Quick and very helpful. problem was solved in a couple minutes" - Alexander Waldhof, Diptyque Germany

Did you know?

Did you know?

We are proud to support clients on every Continent across the globe

Diptyque Paris

Diptyque Paris

Here's how we connected the business across the globe.

Chessington Garden Centre

Chessington Garden Centre

Discover how switching to Dynavics, unlocked new revenue streams and business growth

Sana Commerce 9.3

6 ways Sana Commerce 9.3 helps you improve your e-commerce conversion rate and turn browsers into buyers.

Looking for Business Intelligence?

5 clear signs you need Business Intelligence in your retail business.

Lead your business into the future

What retail CEOs need to know...

The EPOS Evolution

How EPOS evolution can add value to cinemas.

Legacy Data & ERP Data Migration

The three reasons why legacy data is vital to the success of your ERP data migration

The NEW Jet Global

Jet Reports, developers of the most widely used reporting and analytics solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, announces their new corporate brand name.

Launching LS Nav 11.04

Discover the new mobility features, improved stock management, better kitchen management and much more.

Do you have a loyalty program?

How to use your loyalty program to enhance the customer experience in-store.

Create retail experiences that entice all 5 sense

Here are some of the most exciting examples around...

A pre-Black Friday POS check-up

Here are some of the key things to consider in the build up to this year’s event on November 23.

Biometric POS: Payments all in the touch?

Just as customer-facing businesses were getting to grips with contactless payments., something else comes along!

Restaurant POS

Here are three key features of modern EPOS hardware that are essential to ensuring maximum performance in any restaurant.

Total Cost of Ownership

The fall in the value of sterling since the Brexit vote does not spell good news for the EPoS market...

The Benefits of SaaS

How Sana SaaS Balances Flexibility and Agility

Planning for EPOS continuity

One thing remains true about your EPOS system - looking after it means looking after your profits.

5 smart ways to encourage impulse buys in your store

Here are our top five tips on how to encourage impulse buys in your store.

The top KPIs every restaurant CEO should track

Here are some of the main areas of your restaurant, and the associated KPIs we recommend you track with your restaurant management and Point of Sale solution.

How to gracefully replace legacy eCommerce software

How can you make B2B eCommerce a strategic pillar in your company so you can roll out your digital transformation in just a year?

3 ways mobile POS could evolve in retail

Take a closer look at three uses M-POS systems can be put to in retail stores, assessing how the technology is evolving and becoming a mainstream trend.

The 4 top trends influencing the travel retail industry

Find our how retailers in airports, ferry terminals and train stations can attract and engage passengers to deliver a unique and convenient shopping experience.

How to overcome the biggest challenges in personalised email marketing

The opportunity in personalised email marketing is massive, but you can’t just do it...

Top 6 Business Intelligence and Reporting Pains from a Microsoft Dynamics NAV User

When it comes to accessing data, easy might not be the ideal word to use...

Three hot hardware trends for the hospitality industry

Driven by advances in POS technology, businesses are now thinking of the added-value services they can offer to stimulate even more sales.

Personalised marketing and privacy in the B2B world

B2C has a huge head start when it comes to personalisation, but as a B2B business, you have a considerable advantage...

Jet Reports Financials launches in AppSource for Dynamics 365

Jet Reports Financials is now on Microsoft AppSource!

Digital redemption: voucher schemes and EPOS in the 21st Century

Learn how to account for the discount when the voucher is redeemed at the point of sale.

Create better personalised B2B content

How can you guarantee your personalised content strategy is the best it can be?

Amazon's prime day crash: A lesson is scalability

What went wrong? Amazon’s failure to execute a properly scalable solution turned Prime Day into a sizeable risk!

7 tips to select the right restaurant management software

Here are our tips on how to select the best restaurant management solution for your chain.

4 tips to win back your cart abandonment revenue

Today, the average e-commerce cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%. but over $6 trillion at risk.

What's an ERP system, and why do you need one?

Thinking about adopting an ERP system? LS helps guide you in the right direction...

Grow your retail business with in-store events

In the age of social media and digital technology, the pressure is on...

How to build scale and grow your global presence

5 important points to consider when expanding your brand into multiple countries.

Easy after-sales service: why and how?

After sales services are highly strategic for the POS sector.

LS Nav 11.03: new features available!

The latest version of LS Nav was released on June 22nd, 2018. Here's a roundup of the most exciting new features!

Kiosks explained part 2: What's in it for retailers?

How do retailers use interactive kiosks?

Reasons to mount your EPOS on a pole!

Where's the best place for your POS screens and terminals? On a desk? Mounted on a wall? Or how about on a pole?

Beating Brexit uncertainty with eCommerce

Are you worried how Brexit is going to impact your e-commerce investments and opportunities? You’re not alone.

Selling furniture online: challenges and opportunities

eCommerce is playing a pivotal role in industry growth and selling furniture online.

The card payment cycle explained

Have you ever wondered how card payments are processed at point of sale?

Using touchscreens to improve in-store customer experience - part 2

Picking up where we left off last time, here are some more ideas for how touchscreens can boost your in-store CX.

Using touchscreens to improve in-store customer experience - part 1

One of the best tools a business has for improving in-store CX is the touchscreen!

LS NAV 11.02

Compare products at the clienteling POS, optimise your purchase orders, expand your available stock with Special Orders.

How to get started with your B2B web store software comparison

Is your organisation just getting started with online B2B sales? Then now is the perfect time to compare web store software options and find out which is the best for your situation.

15 customer experience statistics that retails cannot afford to ignore

The competition in retail is fiercer than ever. At the same time, consumers are changing – and today’s customer journey looks different from yesterday’s.

What does Dynamics 365 Business Central mean to the Dynamics community?

Microsoft has introduced their newest player to the SMB ERP marketplace – and it’s more than just a name change.

Reporting in Dynamics 365 Business Central: what you need to know!

Easily create the reports you need in record time with more visibility thanks to Jet Reports.

Jet Reports 2018 R2 Release!

When it comes to groundbreaking innovations in reporting and business intelligence, the April 19th, 2018 release of Jet Reports doesn’t disappoint.

First reporting solution built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Jet Reports announces they will be first to market in Microsoft AppSource with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central reporting tool – Jet Reports Financials, this spring.

LS Retail announces the release of LS Activity - version 2.1

A major release which includes new features as well as overall improvements

Rear screen displays: ways to connect better with your customers

People get anxious about cutting down on their ‘screen time, but there’s no denying the impact digital displays have on our lives...

Reduce downtime with real-time reporting

Wouldn't it be great if you could identify potential issues with your EPOS system before they begin to impact on your operations? Real-time reporting solutions do exactly this.

How to manage stock in your eStore during peak periods

Here are five key peak times that take place throughout the year, with our advice on how to be prepared when it comes to planning the optimal item selection and availability.

B2B eCommerce Trends in 2017: a retrospective

There were a lot of major developments in consumer e-commerce over the past year, but there was only one real B2B eCommerce trend in 2017, and it was a familiar one.

Five B2B eCommerce Trends for 2018: A CPO Perspective

The biggest B2B eCommerce trends in 2018 will share one theme: improving customer experience...

What is the cloud? 14 key terms you need to know

What is the difference between SaaS and IaaS? What is a hybrid cloud anyway? Wonder no more: here are some of the most important terms used in the industry.

Top 7 questions to ask when buying restaurant POS software

Choosing the correct Point of Sale system is one of the most important decisions you will take for your business. But with so many options in the market, how do you choose?

7 essential tips for getting your B2B customers online

Today’s B2B e-commerce struggle is no longer whether to launch a B2B web store, but how to gracefully transition customers to a new way of working..

NAV 2018 Excel Reports vs Jet Reports: a comparison

Brian Petersen from Jet Reports compares the latest NAV 2018 Excel Reports with Jet Reports.

What is unified commerce and why you need it in your retail business?

Unified commerce helps overcome today’s challenges to deliver tomorrow’s retail, enabling businesses to deliver the fluid retail experience that customers expect...

Why mobile POS is just the ticket for cinemas

Cinemas place a fairly unique set of demands on point of sale systems - so why mobile POS?

Exclusive: The Swing!

Learn more about the two exclusive innovations and advantages of the Aures’ SWING tablet on the POS.

Clienteling: A quick equipment guide

Here are some of the ways that POS hardware can help deliver that outstanding customer experience.

Meet LS Nav 2018: easy upgrades and a next-generation Point of Sale system

LS Nav 2018, the latest version of LS Nav was released on February 13, 2018. This is the first version built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, which was made available by Microsoft in December 2017.

Running a customer loyalty program through your POS

Even small businesses can provide loyalty perks to their customers by harnessing new technology, without having to pay unreasonable costs to get your program set up and running.

5 questions your B2B web store can answer

FAQs are essential to any good web store, but there are a number of order- and client-specific questions that you simply can’t answer ahead of time.

Omnichannel POS: a seamless customer experience

How great would it be to allow your customers to complete their shopping across both digital and physical channels?

LS Nav 11.01: new features

The latest version of LS Nav was released on March 2, 2018. Here are some of the most interesting new features for LS Nav users.

Our top reasons to choose a mobile POS solution

If your business isn't currently using a mobile POS solution, you're simply missing out!

Going green with LS Retail

Attract customers and cut costs by making your restaurants more sustainable.

Ways to pay using mobile POS

The benefits of switching to or adding a mobile POS solution to your business are endless, but how you make the sale and take payment from your customers is something that needs a little more thought.

How your EPOS system can help boost shop security

Theft and fraud can have a major impact on a business's bottom line, especially if not properly safeguarded against.

Roadmap: Sana Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A lot has changed for Microsoft Dynamics over the past year. Arno Ham, explains what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central means for the Sana Commerce roadmap.

3 reasons B2B eCommerce should be part of your competitive strategy

Making your B2B business the obvious choice for your target audience is easier than you think. Here’s how you can crush your competitors!

7 tips for your supermarket to thrive in an omni-channel world

Here are our six pieces of advice for supermarkets and grocery retailers planning to attract online grocery shoppers.

Design oriented EPOS: What for?

Too long neglected in terms of design, look and even ergonomics, EPOS systems have now become strategic elements of the point-of-sale commercial and marketing environment.

Contacless 2.0: What you need to know about mobile wallets

Just as consumer-facing industries are getting the measure of contactless card payments, the landscape looks set to shift again...

QBS Group Partner

We're proud to be partner with QBS Group, the largest network of Microsoft Dynamics partners.

4 smart ways EPOS can improve your inventory management

Having the right stock available in the right quantities is a more complex process than it sounds...

How to Use Dynamics ERP Data to Manage Web Store Inventory

Are you interested in launching additional sales channels, but worried about accidentally selling out-of-stock inventory? Here’s how Sana Commerce can help you prevent this worst case scenario.

What is the future of EPOS?

The trial of a no checkout, self-service physical grocery store...

Dynamics NAV vs. Dynamics 365 for Financials

Looking at NAV but keep hearing about 365? Well, the good news is that differentiating between the two isn’t as complex as all the blogs may suggest - we simplify it for you.

Transalis Partnership

We've partnered with Transalis, providing you with OpenEDI.

Sana Partner

We've just partnered with Sana eCommerce!

Jet Reports Partner

Having worked with Jet Reports for many years, we’re delighted to have become their partner!

LS Retail Partner

We're pleased to announce our partnership with LS Retail

Aures Partner

We're now an Aures partner!

Top 5 Excel tips every Finance Manager should know

Whether you barely grasp enough functions to get by, or you consider yourself a worksheet wizard, these tips are sure to help!

Jet Reports releases 2017 R3

This release makes Jet Reports the most efficient, business intelligence tool yet.

The Chocolate Box selects Aures EPOS

Renowned Australian brand The Chocolate Box selects Aures EPOS terminals.

LS One 2017.2 has been released!

Introducing mobile inventory, integration with MyTimePlan, new template for PowerBI and, for interested forecourt businesses, improved pump control.

Is RFID technology the future of POS?

Is RFID a false dawn in the future of POS technology or is it just a matter of staying patient?

How big a risk is Ransomware to EPOS systems?

What can retailers, leisure operators and businesses in the hospitality industry do to protect themselves against the threat?

GDPR and the POS Market

GDPR at Point of Sale: What You Need to Know About New Privacy Regulations.

Dynamics 365, the Hybrid Cloud and LS NAV

Following the Dynamics NAV release schedule, LS Nav will soon be available in two versions.

New LS One release gives retailers mobility in-store

The latest version of LS One, including mobile POS, has been released.

What is the Point of Sale Cloud?

People have been talking about the Cloud for a number of years by now, but what is it exactly and what is its relevance to point of sale?

Keeping your EPOS system data safe

While the risk of cybercrime is now a fact of life, you don’t have to accept falling victim to an attack as inevitable. Securing your EPOS system is on the front line of such efforts.

Are self-serve kiosks right for your business?

After seeing major chains implement self-serve kiosks, you might be considering whether they make sense for your business too...

The future of Dynamics NAV

It’s fascinating to imagine what the future will bring when it comes to technology. With +Alexa, no more will your Dynamics NAV system just be confined to your desktop, mobile or tablet...

Launching NAV 2017

It's our favourite time of year - a new version of Dynamics NAV has been launched!

How to master omnichannel B2B

Whether you call it omnichannel, multichannel or something else entirely, there’s no escaping this concept in modern sales and marketing — even if you’re B2B.

Start talking, +Alexa's listening

Launching our new add-on +Alexa that allows you to talk with your Dynamics NAV system!

The new world, it makes you think...

Yet another insight into the changing way we could all be managing our businesses.