Is Business Central for you?

Are you looking for a system to streamline your business processes and help your business excel? Look no further.

At Dynavics, we are implementation and support experts of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. So, to help you understand why Business Central may be the answer you didn’t know you needed… we’ve put together this brief, yet insightful, article.

But first, what exactly is Business Central?

An update on entry-level accounting software or aged enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Business Central is a single solution for managing finances, operations, sales and customer service, and can integrate with Microsoft Office 365 to enhance output and improve productivity even further.

Designed specifically to help core business processes run faster, it also helps you connect with customers, make critical data-driven decisions with greater accuracy, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

You can learn more about the technical side of Business Central in our insight article; What is Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Which industries does Business Central work for?

Not only is Business Central a single solution for managing your financials, its extended functionality and can be easily integrated with Dynamics 365 apps. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a highly capable and flexible system, which can be completely customised to suit your organisation and specific needs.

At Dynavics, we work closely with industry specific partners Sana Commerce, LS Retail, Aures, and many others, to help customers get the most out of Business Central.