Dynavics are excited to be welcomed into the Garden Centre Association and look forward to bringing our passion, dedication, and experience of working with garden centres and retail industries to all members.

Garden Centre Association

The Garden Centre Association (GCA) is a UK based organisation that represents and supports a range of garden centres across the country. The organisation, that was founded in 1966, offers members a range of benefits, support and training, in return for members to meet the highest retail standards and to participate in an annual inspection process, to ensure these standards are maintained and improved; setting the mark for industry standard horticultural and retail best practice.


Peter Burks, CEO of the Garden Centre Association, shared the following on welcoming Dynavics to the association: 

“I am delighted to welcome Dynavics into the Garden Centre Association at a very opportune moment, with our members looking to get the very most out of their business management operations over and above the basic information from their accounts, to help counteract the squeeze on costs.”


Dynavics Ltd.

The Dynavics mission is to empower businesses with innovative and advanced technology, that optimizes and streamlines business operations, all whilst building lasting relationships. Dynavics prides itself in knowing that the entire company shares this vision and is committed to delivering exceptional value and service quality, and fostering long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and integrity.

We have a deep understanding of the Garden Centre industry, and, with our experience, we understand these challenges and have made it our mission to help Garden Centre owners and managers take control of their business. Ensuring businesses have the correct business management software is crucial to help Garden Centres grow profit, streamline operations, and gain real time insights to help them make informed decisions.

At Dynavics, we aim to guide customers through your Business Central implementation, streamlining back office through to Point of Sale, to achieve maximum results with minimal disruption.

GCA Annual Conference

As new members of the association, we look forward to attending and exhibiting at the 45th annual conference held by the Garden Centre Association at the end of January.

If you will be there, why not say hello? We would love to understand how Dynavics might be able to help you.