It’s been a few weeks since some of our Dynavics team returned home from this years’ LS Retail ConneXion conference, and we are only just getting over the magnitude of the event!

As a Diamond Partner of LS Retail, the annual ConneXion’s event is a highlight in our company’s event calendar, and 2024 did not disappoint.

For those who don’t know about ConneXions (firstly, you are missing out!), it’s a three-day conference held by leading retail ISV solution, LS Retail, an Aptos company. From a beautifully breathtaking venue to the extensive wealth of knowledge and insights provided, and not to forget the excellent organisation and smooth running across the three days, it’s safe to say this year was up there with the best.


Down to our key takeaways…

Due to the extensive insight and valuable information shared, it’s been difficult to condense down. Never-the-less, we’ve whittled it down to, what we believe to be, the main points.


Why and how to upgrade


“I am not sure about SaaS, I want to stay in control”

“I don’t want to change my way of working”

“Things work fine the way they are, so why fix what isn’t broken?”


Are all common responses from customers when it comes to discussing upgrading from an on-prem to SaaS model, but LS Retail did a fantastic job at ConneXions at breaking down the stigma and showcasing the many benefits to upgrading, whilst also being transparent about some of the issues that can sometimes occur with upgrading, including customisation and integration complexity, data migration challenges etc.

However, by upgrading, customers will benefit from several LS Central improvements, including Optimised POS testing, POS UI improvements, RFID tags support, as well as increased security.


Analytics and reporting with LS Central

New from LS Retail, Analytics for LS Central report packs built on Power BI provide LS Central users with ready-to-use report templates, that are easy to adapt, extend, or you can even build your own. With a strong integration with Microsoft Teams, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can take full advantage of insight rich data that is easy to share amongst your team.

Current report packs include:

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Supply Chain
  • Actionable Insights
  • Hotels
  • Hospitality
  • Aggregated Inventory – coming soon!


These reports are being actively and consistently reviewed to provide the best possible templates for customers, as well as ongoing development of new, requested templates to suit users needs.

LS Central users simply need to subscribe to Power BI, setup the report packages from the deployment package, connect to Data Warehouse, load data… and off you go.

If you’re interested in learning more about LS Central Analytics, reach out to our team.


Product Roadmap

Following the LS Retail Release (April 24) which focused on onboarding and migrating to SaaS, Unified Commerce, and contactless shopping (self-service and automation), we were excited to hear about some of the features on the product roadmap…

Some key features we’re excited to see:

  • POS RFID Support
  • Interactive Dual Display for POS (great for the likes of Member Signups, Signature capture, and that all important GiftAid selection!)
  • Aggregated Inventory
  • Advanced price management for variants
  • Revenue Management & booking engine integrations.


LS Central to industry verticals

Ok, we are kind of biased on this one, as this presentation saw our very own, Ian Storer, Sales & Marketing Director take to the stage… but we just had to highlight this moment of pride!


Coming next…

We’ll continue sharing key insights and takeaways from LS Retail ConneXions over the next few weeks, so make sure you check back or keep an eye on our social media.


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