How can Dynamics 365 Marketing help you improve customer engagement?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing has been designed to provide an enhanced experience for your staff and customers alike. If you are keen to explore this application in more detail you are in the right place. We have put together a list of five ways of boosting ROI with D365 Marketing – all whilst strengthening customer relationships.

Streamline the customer experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables you to interact with your customers at peak moments. By combining your sales and marketing content in a unified way, MSD365 Marketing lets you respond to customer triggered events in real time… helping you to improve the customer experience in a specific way.

With all previous interactions collated in one place, you can gather a complete picture of current and potential customer communication. This also allows you the chance to get to know them on a deeper level, ensuring there isn’t a duplication of effort or miscommunication across your sales and marketing teams.

Making sure you deliver the same messaging inter-departmentally is pinnacle. Dynamics 365 provides staff with access to the same customer information, including when and how they responded to campaigns, all their feedback and specified needs. Allowing you to deliver a more streamlined customer experience from start to finish.

Easily analyse the data that matters

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also provides extensive marketing analytics, offering another opportunity for you to get to grips with your customers and respond more effectively when needed.

By bringing together sales and marketing data you can understand which products and services resonate with each customer demographic. Undertake surveys, track your campaign responses and gain a better understanding of the activities that provoke the best leads.

You can analyse the results through customisable, real-time dashboards and gain the insight to conduct your sales and marketing activities in an informed manner. Ultimately, this will give your customers confidence that you understand, and care about, their needs.

Manage events with ease

Whether live or online events, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows you to manage them with ease. The application events portal features in-person event registration capacity and attendance history review functions… so you can organise customers as they arrive at the event. This also allows your team to explore customer’s attendance, before and after the event, to interact more effectively moving forward.

Create webinars and pre-recorded events for online events to reach as many customers as possible. Utilising Information gathered about attendees means you can gain more leads and interact with those looking for what you have to offer.

Improve lead management and boost valuable interactions

Speaking of leads, as a unified system Dynamics 365 for Marketing lets you improve your understanding of all your leads and helps you act on them in real-time. Monitor customer behaviour across all channels and guide their journey across each touchpoint using well-timed communications.

By using Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can also help your sales team better understand qualified leads and approach them at the right time. This can be done in a way that works most efficiently for them using scoring models and sales readiness grades.

Spread your net wide with multi-channel campaigns

Dynamics 365 allows you to cast your net wide and target leads across all your sales and marketing outlets. MSD365 Marketing also has the capacity to import leads from marketing lists through Excel and to gather valuable data through a seamless connection with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

You can also utilise Dynamics 365 for Marketing’s drag and drop design tools to create wide-ranging forms, emails, web pages and surveys. This will help you gather data, boost customer engagement, and improve lead gathering capacity.

With a focus on improving customer experiences, Microsoft 365 for Marketing allows you and your business to provide valuable solutions to your customer in a quicker, actionable, and efficient way.