It’s that time of the year, when Microsoft partners await the exciting changes from Microsoft in the form of the latest release wave. We’ve collated a few highlights from the release and what will be coming to Business Central between April and September 2024.


Application Highlights

  • Usability improves for service and projects.
  • Block item, item variant or service item from use in service management transactions.
  • Connect Business Central with Shopify B2B.
  • Simpler Shopify connection.
  • Use general ledger account revaluation for more accurate financial statements.
  • Invoice a customer for multiple projects.
  • Use currencies when posting employee transactions.
  • Correct errors in service invoices
  • Inventory package numbers work like item tracking dimensions


Copilot and AI Innovation

There’s no surprise that the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an indicative role in the first release wave of 2024. Microsoft have contributed massively in investing to Copilot in the past, and this release wave is no different. An increase in capabilities of Microsoft Copilot will allows Business Central users to optimise their business processes and complete task quickly and efficiently.

  • Introduce Power Automate Copilot integration with Business Central.
  • Create sales lines easily with Copilot.
  • Extend Copilot using richer development tools.
  • Complete bank account reconciliation faster with Copilot.
  • Create product information faster with Copilot.



Microsoft have put a focus on empowering consultants and developers, and with that a focus on increasing productivity of Business Central AL developers.

  • Use in-client page scripting tool for acceptance testing.
  • Handle multiple file uploads and file drop zones.
  • Debug the systems application.
  • Remove friction when working with external app dependencies.
  • Define extension objects in same app as their base object.


Governance and administration

  • Use linked environment in Dataverse integration.
  • Copy companies with Dataverse integration safely.
  • View and filter users with additional user details.
  • Encrypt data at-rest with customer-managed encryption key.
  • Control partner access per environment.


User Experiences

  • Use drag and drop to attach multiple files.
  • Access worksheet pages from mobile phones.
  • Share error details to get help from another user.


This is simply a high-level view into the latest improvements and changes to the latest Microsoft Release Wave. You can find full information and further details of the release on Microsoft’s website.