We’re sure this is going to be quite an anticipated Partner Focus, as who doesn’t love making reporting and analytics quick and easy?! Jet Reports, from InsightSoftware, is a powerful reporting and business intelligent solution, which provides fast, flexible reporting and analytics.

There are many benefits to integrating Jet Reports with your Business Central system, and introducing the easy and effective analytics tool into your business. Whether you are looking to improve your personal reporting, or you’re looking to improve company-wide… Jet Reports may be the answer you’re looking for.



Jet Reports can generate accurate financial reports in a format that suits your business; all in a quickly and efficient manner. Financial reporting with Jet Reports and Excel means you can report against real-time data and multiple company consolidation.



A key feature of Jet Reports and analytics means you can turn data into insight. Eliminate the need to understand underlying data structure and gain rapid time-to-value, all with the help of pre-built cubes and a data warehouse… not to mention aesthetically pleasing dashboards and reports designed to help you identify trends and fix problems quickly.


Working with Dynavics

At Dynavics, we have helped many of our customers improve their reporting by integrating Jet Reports with their Business Central ERP system.

If you are looking to find out more about how your business could benefit from Jet Reports, get in touch!

P.S. Did you know… ? Operations Manager, Chris is our Jet Reports guru! If there is anything he doesn’t know about Jet Reports… it isn’t worth knowing!