Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you an end-to-end view of your business, otherwise referred to as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, which promises to improve productivity and output in fast moving international business environments. Designed specifically to help core business processes run faster, it also helps you connect with customers, make critical data-driven decisions with greater accuracy and ultimately improve your bottom line.

To understand the full scope and power of Business Central – as well as to find out why it could be the perfect solution for your individual business needs – it’s important to take a look at both its history and wide ranging features. Doing so unveils just how comprehensive the platform is.

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Cloud-based ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest version of Dynamics NAV, released in April 2018. Users who are familiar with Dynamics NAV will notice some visual differences, however the core functionality remains similar.


Dynamics 365 Business Central is well-suited to fostering growth in small to medium-sized businesses. Its capabilities span core business aspects such as marketing, inventory, sales, customer service, project planning and more.

Run Your Business Remotely

Core features such as cloud compatibility enable you to take your business anywhere and run it remotely across any mobile platform. Multi-language compatibility also means you can skip the communication difficulties with international customers and clients and increase overall productivity. All while Microsoft datacenter encryption protects you from unauthorised access.

Fine-Tune Your Finances

Integrate Microsoft Power BI dashboards with data from your stock, finance, sales and purchasing departments to get a tighter control on your budget. AI-insights factor in delayed payments too and adjust your projections accordingly.

Take this data and present it in reports, graphs and charts directly inside of Excel without having to waste time switching between apps. Spot trends and track financial performance with account schedules.

The accounting module also allows you to automate approval workflows and speed up financial reporting and closing. Useful when you need to move quickly and wrap up old projects.

Streamline Supply Chains

Work out the best time to reorder stock using built-in intelligence and timely insights. Create purchase orders automatically on the move based on accurate sales forecasts. Move your stock and keep track of it using cycling counting.

Open up effective communication channels with your suppliers and make and find new ones. Send enquiries and collect offers. Lean on system-generated suggestions to reduce losses from dead or immovable stock.

Supercharge Sales

Rank potential leads based on their worth to your business. Keep track of individual customer interactions and use data to form effective pitches upselling and cross-selling. Set flexible pricing and offer discounts to grow both new and old customer bases.

Monitor your agreements with sales order processes to deliver your customers relevant information on delivery dates, prices and shipping orders. Keep them up to date with item availability and be on hand for sales returns.

Pinpoint Project Delivery

Craft and control customer projects with timesheets and refine and develop budgets. Keep tabs on customer invoicing and cross-check them against actual quotes and orders. Use data reports to learn about profitability and the status of individual projects.

Run Your Warehouse Better

Set up Business Central to mirror the layout of your warehouse. Create bins and zones to reflect your shelves and storage facilities. Draw up templates to work out what stock to keep where, using bins and zones for best placement.

Receive recommendations on where to place stock to maximise space and speed up delivery. Implement cross-docking to reduce shipment times and meet customer due dates.

Optimize Output

Put your manufacturing plan into process while operating inside of your capacity and supply limitations. Keep detailed lists of sales items and all the materials that go into building and producing your product or service. Quickly reorder components of your stock and keep a note of customer requirements or specifications.

Create work orders to detail more complex processes. Stay on top of bills. Reduce discrepancies between output and consumption.

Deliver on Service Promises

Get a solid general overview on everything that’s happening in your business including staff workloads and service tasks. Use the data to delegate and assign tasks to personnel. Monitor service agreements and ensure they’re delivered to your customers in-line with their expectations.

Smooth the sales process by shifting shipped goods to service items without losing the key details. Receive customer feedback after the point of sale and decide how best to address them. Manage and track repair details if necessary – or assign customers spare equipment while they wait.


Of course, you can always find out more about the full capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central by reaching out to implementation experts like Dynavics. With over 20 years’ experience focused on supporting and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, we can get you utilising the full power of Business Central fast. Contact us today and let’s have a conversation around how Business Central can help take your organisation to the next level.