Something we are very proud of at Dynavics, is the strong relationships we have built with our partners, and our teams continuous efforts to master their product.

Our latest partner focus shares a light on Document Capture and Expense Management partner, Continia.


Working with Business Central

Continia integrates seamlessly into Dynamics 365 Business Central, offering solutions which facilitate the easy scanning and uploading of vendor invoices once received. Each invoice line can then be automatically matched to already generated purchase orders, making the approval processes for payment easier and faster to undertake. This document capture capability not only helps speed up the approval process but also removes the need for manual document handling and data entry.

Alongside Document Capture, Continia’s Expense Management provides users with the capability to easily make an account of expenses while on the go. Through Microsoft Dynamics, users can send in their travel expenses using the Expense App from whatever remote location. This is done by entry from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Since becoming a Continia partner in 2019, Dynavics have been able to help many customers to better streamline expense reporting, approvals, and reimbursements. Dynavics partnership with Continia has also meant that our customers have benefited from faster financial processes and more accurate reporting.

To find out more about Document Capture, Expense Management, and how Dynavics work with Continia to help customers take their Business Central capabilities further check out our partner page or get in touch!


About Continia

Integrated for use with Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV, Continia solutions provide an accelerated and precise streamlined document capture and expense management solution. Keeping track of employee expenses, managing documentation, and ensuring timely and accurate reporting can be a complex operation when you lack the right tools and support. With Continia, all these tasks become easier to coordinate and control, from the end-user level, all the way to management.


About Dynavics Ltd

Founded in 2015 by Adam Sellers and Daniel Jones, Dynavics specialise in the design, development, deployment, and support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and all in the NAV world. By combining an expertise in the field with a passion for clients, Dynavics help SME businesses to succeed with their specific and individual business needs. With over 20 years’ experience in the Dynamics world the goal of Dynavics is simple, to provide a cost-effective, bespoke option when it comes to the deployment of new Dynamics 365 systems, solutions, and support.