Having already partnered with several other firms in enhancing the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynavics is proud to announce that they have added to their growing stable of management applications by integrating with Continia and Adyen.

Continia has established a solid reputation as a provider of efficient document capture and expense management systems. This function is now available to Dynavics customers looking to better streamline expense reporting, approvals, and reimbursements. This new addition is expected to help businesses speed up their financial processes and ensure more accurate reporting.

The Adyen all-in-one payment platform is designed to enhance the customer experience when making payments. Now integrated with LS Retail (POS) and sales orders, this system caters to all popular payment methods and devices. Its unified approach not only provides consistency across varied sales channels, but it also boosts conversion rates for customers visiting the business outlets or online platforms.

Improving Business Operations

These new additions to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience are expected to help improve operations for businesses and provide greater value for money invested in this business management system that has proven to be more than just simple accounting software.

As businesses consider strategies that will boost their growth and improve performance, there is a growing realisation that digital solutions are a necessary part and parcel of operations. Dynavics provides professional support and for businesses that are increasingly turning towards the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This business solution continues to help users to collect all types of data, and create connections between customers, employees, departments, and products. This approach has made it easier to gain a clear overview of various operations in the business, how different workflows connect varied departments and enhances the quality of decision making made. Besides providing support for all major Dynamics 365 applications, Dynavics also offers a variety of custom-built extensions and has partnered with several tech companies to further enhance its functionality.

Working in conjunction with all these add-on functions makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 the best investment for any business. No matter the business model or particular product or service being provided, the customisability of Dynamics 365 by Dynavics means that businesses can acquire functionality that best suits their operations, with the ideal amount of support that will ensure smooth adoption and optimal exploitation.

More efficient operations, minimising of fraud, maximising of customer engagement, and faster financial processes are just a few of the potential benefits that businesses derive by opting for Dynamics 365 and its array of extensions and add-on functions. To find out more about how your business can take advantage of this system and tailor it to your specific operations, email enquiries@dynavics.co.uk or call 01276 583024.

About Dynavics

Established in 2015, Dynavics provides businesses with cost-effective and reliable access to Dynamics 365 systems and solutions. With a team that has over 15 years’ experience in handling Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, the company offers superior expertise in design, development, deployment, and support. By helping customers upgrade to this business management solution, Dynavics has been able to collect and analyse data useful in making connections and make strategic plans.

Having worked with multiple SMEs and multi-national firms, Dynavics takes a tailored approach when consulting with clients so the final outcome ideally suits and merges well with their business environment. Whether you are looking to upgrade or newly adopt an ERP system, we will work closely with you to deliver product and services that will enhance your business performance and guarantee ease of use.