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Name: Lluis Badenas
Job Role: Director, Spain
Cause: APA Huella Canina


Following an unprecedented 2020, where many companies have experienced extreme struggles and hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dynavics want to take the opportunity to support causes and companies that matter to them and give something back. The team were asked to put forward a cause they felt passionate about as part of the campaign…

Lluis, Director Dynavics Spain, wanted Dynavics to his local animal charity APA Huella Canina.

“This is an animal protection group. they work very hard to try to keep under control cat colonies and rescue stray dogs in our town.”

The cause also has a personal connection to Lluis as his wife, who is a vet, has worked alongside the charity…

“My wife is a Vet surgeon, and they work very closely with her too, as she provides ‘cost price’ services for the animals coming through the association.”

Dynavics are supporting the cause in two different ways; with a budget of €1,672 Dynavics have purchased 3 ‘cages’ which will be used when capturing stray animals safely to take them into care, as well as using the remaining amount for vet bills and treatments, as well as food and other necessities.

“We had an urgent requirement to replace the 3 cages we use to safely capture street cats, and we will be now in position to proceed with some eye surgery to one of the cats, Xrays and treatment for a black kitten just rescued, buy kitten milk and food, and continue with our project of CER (capture, sterilise, release) to control the street cat colonies. Thanks a lot for your help!”

“We want to thank Dynavics for their generous donation, the money received from the give back campaign will help us enormously with all the activities we do.”

Oscar Priu, President

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