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As Microsoft continues investing heavily in enhancing the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central, the Dynavics team are full of excitement about how these product updates will help give our clients more control over business processes!

Understanding the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central features, together with learning how they might work to improve your business operations and processes, can increase the odds of your company and employees maximising the benefits they offer.

In our latest insights article, our team have outlined a number of features to look out for regarding Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and Business Central release plans.

Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave Highlights

Microsoft have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on tighter integration of all the different applications within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Based on what we’ve seen here at Dynavics in testing, our clients are expected to benefit from fewer distractions and interruptions given the improvements in stability and better interoperability.

With vast improvements in usability, application design and cross-application integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can spend less time worrying about bugs and glitches ruining their productivity, and spend more time scaling business operations to new heights.

Below is a selection of highlights, hand-picked by Dynavics, that Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can soon expect to enjoy…

  • Improvements to the Mobile User Experience – One fairly common issue experienced by some Microsoft Dynamics 365 users is that there was room for the mobile experience to be improved. Thankfully, that’s changed with the 2021 Release Wave! Microsoft have realised that, more and more, business is being done on the move – and have invested significantly in improving how apps across the Dynamics 365 suite perform on mobile. Users can now access personal contacts, automatically store transcriptions of calls and online meetings, assign individual calls to relevant categories in Dynamics 365, plus more, much easier on mobile and tablet devices.

  • In-app notifications – Improvements to the notification centre means you can alert users to new updates very quickly. This feature is made even better by the fact that notifications from your Dynamics 365 applications can be sent via your own system – offering opportunities for improved efficiency through automation. In addition to improved functionality for system notifications, Dynamics 365 Marketing also allows your team to craft and schedule beautiful, personalised push notifications to help keep customers using apps on iOS or android devices fully engaged.

  • Personalised workspace – A personalised workspace is being introduced for pipeline management, that implements properties such as interactive charts and data filtering features. Microsoft has big plans for personalisation moving forwards – for system administrators, business users and customers – something the team here at Dynavics are excited to take advantage of for the benefit of our clients. Watch this space!

Dynamics 365 2021 Country and Regional Expansion

As the number of businesses around the world utilising Dynamics 365 applications continues to expand, the development and product improvement teams at Microsoft are responding to this increased global demand by continuing to make the suite of products available in more languages.

In fact, Microsoft have now increased the global availability and localised the applications in many more regions so that SME’s right around the world can start to achieve more with Dynamics 365.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 release wave 1 sees the software updated to support native speakers in India, Greece, Romania, and Turkey – taking the number of countries you can use the software in to 52.

Overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Release Wave 1

With the latest updates released as part of the 2021 Release Wave 1, we saw some pretty impressive and significant improvements to Dynamics 365 Business Central.  The improvements that got our team (and clients) excited are varied and cover a range of areas including; administration, application, usability and integration across the wider Microsoft Ecosystem – with users of Teams and Power Platform apps in for a real treat.

As a result, Business Central users will be able to:

  • Reconcile bank statements and financials more efficiently and more securely.

  • Faster onboarding – deploy users in your businesses faster for even better productivity gains.

  • Improved synchronisation between contacts and vendors

  • Schedule the installation of per-tenant extensions

  • Reassign environments from Azure Active to another

  • Benefit from further improvements to efficiencies with regards to the collaborative processes in Microsoft Teams, Excel and Outlook.

These changes are available in Business Central now and, not only will they enhance operational performance and employee efficiency, they have been designed to target tasks that many companies have historically found somewhat challenging, such as banking and record-keeping. These improvements allow business owners to spend more time being strategic and visionary in nature, rather than management and employees being held back by mundane, repetitive tasks.

2021 Release Wave 1 Features We’re Looking Forward to

We’ve shared some of the key improvements across the Dynamics 365 Suite of Applications, including Business Central, above – but below are some of the upcoming features that our team are also excited about…

Automated Supply Chains

Dynamics 365 Business Central can predict when your stock is low and automatically order more. It can also do it for specific items, meaning you’ll always have the correct amount of inventory, won’t waste valuable resources and reduce the risk of disappointing customers by not having stock.

Better with Teams

We’ve all spent a lot more time using Microsoft Teams over the past 18 months or so. Our team are very excited about where Business Central and wider Dynamics 365 ecosystem integrations with this fantastic communications app will go! Since April 2021, there have been a significant amount of developments on the integration of Microsoft Teams and Business Central. Check out this link for more information about what you can achieve.

Improving Access to Business Critical Information

The way Business Central breaks down information silos, that have traditionally stifled innovation and efficiency at many organisations, is one of the main reasons our team champions the software – but Microsoft are now taking this to another level with the functionality introduced since the latest release wave. Business Central provides your business with even easier ways to quickly access information and insights for your contacts (employees and customers), regardless of whether the information resides in Outlook, Teams, Excel or another Microsoft 365 application. Based on what we’ve seen in this latest release wave, we fully expect the potential for improved efficiencies to keep expanding as the integration right across the Microsoft ecosystem continues to improve.

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