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Dynamics 365 Business Central is revolutionising the way people run businesses. A native-cloud service that can be accessed in browser and via native apps, Business Central supports core business processes to help improve customer relationships, workflows and data-driven decision making.

An update on entry-level accounting software or aged enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Business Central is a single solution for managing finances, operations, sales and customer service, and can integrate with Microsoft Office 365 to enhance output and improve productivity even further.

Let’s take a look at the top features of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and dive deeper into the core functionality. We hope this insight helps you to identify important areas of your business that Business Central can really help to improve. If you’d like to know more, you can also speak to one of our lovely team members. With over 20 years’ experience our team have a proven track record in the implementation of Dynamics 365 across diverse SME and large multi-national organisations.


Tailoring Business Central to your unique industry needs with other Microsoft solutions like Flow, Power BI and Power Apps helps you streamline and manage day-to-day processes and better visualise data. Built on proven technologies from the platforms that went before it (Navision and Dynamics NAV), you can feel confident in both its utility and security.

Financial Control

Get visibility and insights into every aspect of your business and take performance to the next level with key financial management features. Consolidate with accountants and share information securely to help set budgets and better control cash flow.

  • Receive recommendations on the best times to pay vendors by checking discount offers or impending penalty notices

  • Label invoices and automate account management while tagging entries for for fast analysis and improved organisation

  • Modify, build and oversee budgets with greater accuracy and speed

Analyse and Report

Organise your financial management data across all areas of your business, including; customer interactions, sales, purchasing and inventory. Improve decision-making thanks to the precision of real-time data and predictive analytics. Become empowered to make better decisions when your data is no longer stored in silos.

  • Integrate data with Excel for faster decision making

  • Evaluate general ledger data with custom-made analysis to track your KPI’s

  • Use your dashboard to monitor your business’ progress with integration across Power BI

  • Employ built-in Cortana Intelligence to correctly assess cash flow

Process Orders

Use automated workflows to control and keep track of purchasing and sales-order activities. Watch as inventory levels are dynamically updated while putting into place approvals to prevent fraudulent and unwelcome purchases.

  • Change and amend posted invoices and register corrections quickly

  • Track accounts payable and make records of the cost of purchase with automatically created purchase invoices

  • Introduce advanced workflows to control expenses

  • Record agreements with automated vendor tasks listing payment methods and pricing

Sell and Market

Connect sales and accounting to reduce dead time between quote and cash while responding to enquiries and leads rapidly in Outlook. Handle multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses. Added functionality includes Contact and Campaign Management, Mobile Sales, Opportunity Management, Task/Interaction Management and Sales Order and Process Management.

  • Track customer status from email to order and easily view all interactions

  • Set reminders of special agreements with customers and list discount structure data

  • Order leads by potential revenue

  • Send invoices as PDF attachments with payment links direct from Outlook

  • Produce engaging customer experiences by lining up data, processes and content all in one place

Manage Warehouse Operations

Connect workflows to process and automate manual tasks. Give your managers clear insight into performance measurements, profitability, margins and other areas of opportunity.

  • Get support for cycle counting and quality inspection

  • Enjoy the flexibility of a modular structure that your company can grow and expand within by adding functionality

  • Integrate data with handheld terminals (HHT)

  • View put-away instructions and indications on best bin locations based on pick zones and capacity directly on HHT

Project and Resource Management

Help manage budgets and keep tabs on progress with the completion of resource and project management tasks. Time employee project hours with timesheets and get data on resource availability.

  • Avoid over-expenditure by modifying and amending budgets

  • Plan capacity and sales to manage profitability

  • Create comprehensive reports to manage and measures customer projects


Use Business Central to manage and fine-tune your production processes.

  • Plan, schedule, manage finances, work out distribution and measure inventory of each step of the production process

  • Keep track on the consumption and use of raw materials and manage both human and machine processes to ensure quality output

  • Manage scrap and set up sub-contracting to better streamline parts of the production process

Service Management

Manage contracts and control critical processes to improve customer loyalty and keep your service team on track. Includes Item and Component History, Work and Material Planning, Service Item Tracking, Service Price Management, Service Order Management and Contract and SLA Management.

  • Set recurring invoices

  • Manage replacement and loan items

  • Use integrated call-logging to close and log service calls

Where Dynavics can help!

To discover more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and find out specifically how your organisation can begin to reap the full rewards of the many features and advanced functionality included, it can help to reach out and speak with professional experts.

Here at Dynavics we have over 20 years experience working with exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and we have helped many great small to medium sized businesses succeed after working with them on implementation and upgrade projects.

Take a look at this page on Business Central to learn more about how it can help you today. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team,  contact us today.

If you’re already set on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the ERP to help move your business forwards, we invite you to use our online package builder where you can customise and configure your Business Central setup and get an indication of pricing within 5 minutes.

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