The Rise of Mobile Retailing

Mobile retailing is gathering momentum as one of the primary ways we can have goods and services reach the end user in perfect condition. This isn’t a trend that seems to be going anywhere either, since it is largely being driven by the younger generations and their reliance on digital technology.

Multi-device usage sees younger generations spend upwards of five hours a day online. All of this is prime purchasing time; if we can aim our advertising correctly.

What is Mobile Retailing?

We need to approach this from multiple angles: there is the way by which more shoppers are using their mobile phones to shop, there is the ability to shop from anywhere using multiple devices, and then there is the interpretation of mobile retailing that falls firmly with business holders. How do we, as online retailers, make the most of this unstoppable rise in mobile retailing?

In essence, mobile retailing is about ease of use, a perfectly smooth customer experience, and the ability to buy anything you want with a single click – regardless of the device. A few years ago, businesses had to redesign websites to ensure resizing for mobile phone screens was possible. Nowadays we need to repeat this process to ensure that our online stores are just as accessible to mobile phones as they are to desktop computers.

Combatting Mobile Retail at the POS

One of the main issues we are seeing as a result of this leap in mobile shopping is the desire of consumers to pay for in-store goods and services using their mobile phone. In much the same way as a contactless card works; shoppers can now scan bank details straight from their mobile devices into POS systems – provided the shop floor has the correct technology, of course.

It is estimated that the introduction of POS systems capable of receiving phone sales will result in:

  • Speedier mobile retailing sales – as more consumers will be able to ‘skip waiting in line’ in order to pay with the flash of a phone

  • Customer service boosts – in that there will be more free time for the consumer

  • Increased sales through an improved end user experience

Mobile Retailing Benefits Businesses, too!

It’s not just the consumer that gets the benefits from the ease of use that mobile retailing can bring. Those of us on the business end also benefit. The ability to accept payments from anywhere, for example, is a great relief to many types of business. Imagine the relief of the mobile mechanic or hairdresser who visits your home. As well as the increased saleability factor, you also gain accurate data, more choice for payment options, and the ability to spend more time focusing on the customer experience.

Using mobile retailing solutions means that everybody wins. Mobile POS is just another way to make your life that little bit easier as a business owner.

Integrating Mobile Retailing in your Business

So how do you go about integrating mobile retailing with your own business? It really does start with the technology you are using at your point of sale. This overall increased focus in mobile related payments and sites has driven a need for technology capable of handling this integration, which is where Dynamics 365 can help.

This business software suite is able to help you extend your range of payment processes in a comprehensive, easy to manage way. To find out more contact us and start streamlining your business towards mobile retailing before your competitors get the edge.

If you need any help or advice with regards to how your business can benefit from the boom in mobile retailing then contact our team today. Here at Dynavics, we’ve become experts in the software required to take your business operations to the next level. This software, when combined with the hardware supplied by our strategic partners, can propel your business efficiency and profitability to new heights.

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