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Those who are tired of relying on Excel for every piece of analytical data should consider other options as a viable way to change how we keep track of customer feedback and real-time data. Anyone who has ever found Excel Reporting a little bulky for their software needs should read on.

Here at Dynavics, we recommend both Jet Reports and Jet Analytics as suitable alternatives to Excel Reporting. Both systems offer clearer, more accurate data in a more easily accessible format. There are other ways in which a business can become too big for the capabilities of Microsoft Excel. It is best to be prepared if your firm is heading in a similar direction.

Excel – Limited Reporting and Dashboard Management

As much as Excel has been a staple in the software world for years; it does have limitations. Like any business tool it needs to be easy to use, responsive and fast – areas where dashboard creation in Excel are sorely lacking. Excel is the go-to for every business starting out, but it seems that many of us quickly outgrow this IT solution and go off in search of bigger and better things.

There are a number of limitations specific to Excel that are actively hurting your business. These include:

  • Big data – Excel will only count data that is in Excel format. This means you won’t tend to get big data dumps; but it also means you can’t process and count anything that isn’t in the right format.

  • Differences across servers – if three people on one LAN have different versions of Excel, all three will have trouble opening and retrieving documentations between each machine.

  • Hindsight – Excel operates via hindsight. Reporting can only be done after the fact. There is a direct need in business for real time data reporting. Otherwise problems can go undetected for days.

While Excel presents potential problems with retail IT management, Jet Reports and Jet analytics have more advanced answers.

Jet Reports: Business Intelligence, Expertly Applied

Jet reporting is the modern answer. Any firm using BOPIS, or AR/VR technology at the point of sale, should be aware of the limitations Excel reporting gives. Jet Reports are real-time alternatives, capable of keeping up with the demands of ever evolving POS needs.

There are several areas in which Jet Analytics outperforms the old limitations Excel presented. It takes away the probability of human error having a negative impact on your business by updating automatically. It simultaneously takes away the time spent on manual data entry while being easy to use to even the most untrained storefront employee.

Using Jet, you can cut down on reporting time, wasted production that this can cost you, and the errors that it can produce. There is no need to convert documents into one single format, as Jet Reporting can retrieve data cross multiple sources. Perhaps best of all is the ease of access and use. When data is shared in real-time it has the potential to triple the output of your results.

Dynavics and Jet

We here at Dynavics are approved Jet Reports and Jet Analytics partners. We are able to aid you through setup, integration, and even provide ongoing support once you have made the switch. If Excel is no longer able to keep up with the growing demands of reporting and data analytics at your firm, then it may be time to change.

Dynavics can help you, and our expertise with Jet Reports is how we can do it! Contact us today to learn more!

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