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Upgrading to a quality POS system provides many great benefits to businesses. From better inventory management to improved efficiency during checkouts, this technology more than makes up for its investment for retail establishments. However, to derive as much of these benefits as possible, it is necessary to choose a quality product, from a quality supplier.

One of the best providers of PC-based hardware and open-system equipment for POS solutions is AURES.

The firm has been around for over 30 years and has developed an impressive range of products that are reliable, durable, customisable and utilise advanced technologies.

Here we will look at their top five products that have proven popular with retailers.


A highly versatile machine that can be adapted for use as a classic EPOS terminal or a self-checkout kiosk, JAZZ can be adapted to any IT platform. It can be connected to via a single USB port that facilitates data transfer, power and USB. It can support up to three types of intel processors, whose modules can be easily replaced via the back cover.

Its Windows compatible touchscreen can be angled for easy access, while the zinc and aluminium construction helps guarantee durability and good cooling. Its slim and compact design also means it requires little space for setup and adoption into regular use.


Easily one of the most space-saving EPOS systems in the market, SANGO is an all in one management terminal that features just a touchscreen suspended from a cast aluminium arm. Without the traditional motherboard and central unit that typically form the base of POS terminals, this device provides a minimalist solution without skimping on the desired functionality.

It is a good option for businesses that still require a till drawer that can be positioned under the touch monitor. Easily adaptable to all kinds of technology it can support four types of processors. Its elegant design while ergonomic, also allows for the thin metal base to act as a heat sink encouraging extended use of the device.


Great for high traffic areas, YUNO is a robust high-performance system that can be ably configured to work with just about any POS applications. It can be equipped with a choice of three processors and comes with a choice of two different sized screens, 15.1″ or 15.6″.

The surface is shock and scratch-proof and can stand up well to exposure from a myriad of contaminants including oil, crumbs and other ingredients commonly found in food and cosmetic establishments. Constructed using aluminium, it easily dissipates heat while guaranteeing long service. It is a cost-effective, neat, durable, and technologically advanced POS system ideal for tougher work environments.


If looking for POS hardware that is small yet easily manoeuvrable, then NINO is the best choice. This system packs a powerful punch for such a small device, with the option of up to 8GB for its DDR3 memory and a Bay Trail J1900 processor on its latest model. Its 14” monitor can be adjusted for angled or flat viewing, making it ideal for use at most retail outlets.

A reliable device, it can be set up on a work surface, or mounted on a wall or pole. This versatility in design and fixing makes it a great choice for environments where there is a greater need for control and adaptability to confined spaces. It has become a popular choice for pop-up stores, takeaway establishments, and food trucks.


This is a change of pace as this POS solution is not designed to be exclusively fixed in place. It is a tablet device that provides mobility and multiple usage options. It can be adapted for use in payment processing, price checking, as digital signage, inventory management, and much more.

Its tough ergonomic design and off-centre strap accessory allows for easy carrying while ensuring it remains intact even with some rough handling. SWING can also be attached to a docking station, wall or pole mounted. Good wireless connectivity to other smart devices and EPOS management tools makes it great for remote access needs.

As an AURES partner, Dynavics can help your business identify the most ideal POS system to suit your needs. We can help with hardware implementation and the best practice software integration so your business can seamlessly upgrade to a solution will add value to your operations and make delivering on customer needs more efficient. Looking to get more from your POS system? Contact the experts at Dynavics today!

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