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From small businesses to conglomerates, success and achieving targets is often linked to how fast decisions can be made by management. A timely made move can allow a business to stay one step ahead of the competition. These types of decisions however often hinge on the accuracy and presentation of data that makes it easy for management to track business performance.

Jet Reports provide an easy means of tapping into data already accumulated and compiled in Excel workbooks to create actionable reports for management. These reports are not only just created but can also be scheduled and automatically distributed. Because Jet Reports works as an add-in, all this can be accomplished within the already familiar environment that is Excel.

Key Benefits of Jet Reports

Accuracy of reports

Accuracy of reports is guaranteed as the data used to generate presentations is directly updated in real-time. From sales figures to inventory records you can be assured of reliable data being used to create up-to-date reports.


Quick turnaround in creating in reports thanks to the easy learning curve. The add-in works within a familiar environment and does not require any specialised knowledge in programming or coding.

Reporting Anywhere

The adaptability of Jet Reports means that you can check on data in excel and review generated reports via dashboards on any type of device; including smartphones at anytime and anywhere.

Improved Reports

Pre-built cubes, data warehouses and multiple report templates mean that, right from the start, users have the capability to start creating useful reports. This ability to almost instantly make use of this technology ensures a good return on investment.


Accountability is assured as users can narrow down to specific transactions in Excel or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV to find answers as to the cause or impact to certain figures in reports.

Customisation and Flexibility

Easy to customise reports means that you have great flexibility in how to create reports. Be it to help in keeping track of key performance indicators or complying with government regulations, there are many ways in which you can structure your reports, right down to cell level.

Top Features to Try in Jet Reports

  • Business Analytics – Reports supported by visual renders of data in the form of pie charts, bar graphs, and more make it easy to track trends, identify anomalies and take quick decisions to further support or resolve problems.

  • Jet Hub – Access accurate data from anywhere and at any time via the internet and on a variety of mobile devices. Give yourself the freedom to make decisions as and when needed, whenever and wherever you are.

  • Jet Budgets – Utilising an intuitive Excel and web-based interface, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to complete budgets. The automated workflow takes care of accuracy concerns, duplication of tasks and the need to manually export data. Pre-built templates help make populating data easier and customisability allows for quick adjustments where needed.

  • Report Writing Wizards – As you tinker and around with and learn more about advanced features in Business Central and Dynamics NAV, this feature allows you to generate basic standardised reports. This tool is great for allowing you to revert back to simpler presentations when you are not as confident about how well you have applied such features as flow fields and dimensions.

  • Favourites – Allows you to distinguish whichever fields and tables data you will need for reporting while ignoring those that are not relevant. This data can also be made shareable with others.

Business Intelligence Solution

All these features and more are close at hand once you decide to add Jet Reports to your systems as a business intelligence solution. How this product can be of particular use to your business and the best way to go about introducing it to your operations is where Dynavics comes in.

Our team can help narrow down to the particular areas of your business where this solution can be beneficial and provide guidance on implementation and training. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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