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Generating leads is all very well but converting them into sales is what really matters. One of the hardest parts of that task is figuring out which leads are worth pursuing and which to leave alone. That is just one of the problems solved with Dynamics 365, which is official Microsoft software made specifically to give you an in-depth view of your customers and opportunities.

With this guide of 5 tips from professionals using Dynamics 365, you can learn the secrets to massive sales and broad opportunities.

1. Adopt a Full Funnel Plan

Many sales departments focus on short term goals, and short-term sales. This is good, but to truly make full use of your marketing team’s leads you must work to convert the full scope of your prospects.

Every stage of a sales conversion should be focused on equally. From your process of attracting leads, all the way to the sales conversion. The key to long-lasting revenue is, and always has been, providing the right nurturing at the right stage of negotiating. Both departments must work on a more personal basis, guiding and providing support to prospects that could be in for the long haul.

Communicate often and share abundant resources. Help them understand how important your product or service will be not only now, but also in the future. Don’t rush to the bottom of the funnel where a sale is made, cultivate your prospects throughout the whole process.

2. Consolidate Your Data

You have a bunch of leads. They are in your e-mail, they are in your phone contact list, they are scribbled into napkins from chance encounters. Your data is a mess, you can’t properly analyse it. You miss out on information about your leads changing, you miss out on any kind of data on your lead at all.

Marketing and sales use wildly different ways of storing information, and the workflow is muddled just by this overlooked aspect. A CRM (customer relationship management) system is an essential method to make sure all leads can be evaluated side by side. Nothing will get lost in the shuffle or forgotten. You will be able to see insight on all your data, and it will make adapting your funnel plan per client type a breeze.

3. Don’t Forget Customers Are People Too

Research has shown that when you show a little empathy to leads, they will appreciate business more. People like to be looked at as people, not a sale. When you show them, you will pay attention to them in a more personal manner, you will see huge respect back.

Develop a lead routing process with your marketing team. Let them know when to hand prospects off to sales. Let them know what kind of sales rep a certain pool of leads should be handed to. Use lead routing to make sure the right person on your team is nurturing the prospect, no matter what stage they are at. Never let the lead feel like they are treading water, wasting time, or aren’t being paid attention to.

4. Don’t Waste Your Own Time

Everyone has their habits. Especially in marketing and sales. Automation is a big part of making a sale, but you must automate the right tasks at the right time. There are many things you can do to make your system flow better.

You can batch administrative work. You can invest in better tools. You can automate redundant tasks. Know when and where to reroute leads that ended up in the wrong place. Technology is a great innovation, and you would be a fool to not take advantage of it. Introduce as much structure as you can to your system.

5. Closing Time Doesn’t Mean Work Is Over

When it’s time to make your sale, do you look at it as the end of the tunnel? Don’t. Closing time is the most important factor in keeping a client coming back for more. Look at it as part of your system. A client that is just rushed through at the end will end up with no lasting impression of their purchase.

It is at this time that you should be focused on making sure they get everything they need from you. Keep a personable dialogue and ask for any worries or concerns they have moving forward. Make a checklist of questions to ask. How are they going to implement your business? When are they going to implement it? What is affecting their decision to choose you? Think of this closing process as an investment in the future.

These five tips can be used to catch up with your competition, and finally start operating like a real business. All the tools needed to organise data and follow a funnel plan are some of the features Microsoft provides with their easy to use software. Even deeper than that, Dynamics 365 operates on cutting edge A.I. that will give you insight into your leads like never before!

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