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Accounting is a necessary component found at the heart of any business. If your profits and losses aren’t adding up properly then a good piece of accounting software could help you keep track. Xero was created specifically for this purpose – but it does have certain limitations. Dynamics 365 Business Central was introduced as the answer.

At first glance the two accounting programs might seem similar; but closer inspection shows there are many reasons to consider making the switch.

Already Using Xero?

If you are already using Xero to manage your accounting needs, then you are already benefiting from their features. These features include Bonus calculations, banking integration, loans and advances management services, invoicing, HR and payroll aspects, and the inventory management system.

All of this together sounds like a perfect accountancy system – but this system had some cons alongside those pros.

Some of the areas where Xero needed improvement are:

  • It is Cloud-based. Fantastic for the business world but also lacking in on-site ability to accommodate Xero software.

  • Severe limits on what you can access without paying extra. Areas identified include limited expense claims, multi-currency support and/or project funding.

  • It has limited activities you can perform while on the go.

  • Banking Integration is a premium feature so you will need to pay more to use it with Xero.

  • It does not provide accounts receivable or accounts payable as options.

Despite these flaws, users still rate Xero as five out of five stars. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central saw room for improvement and answered with an app that was capable of so much more, for a slightly higher price. The price is well worth it for the added features.

Why Change to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

First of all, Dynamics 365 will not urge you towards the premium version to access more features. The cost allows you access to everything you will need without hidden fees. In answer to the failings of Xero, Dynamics 365 also gives you accounts payable and receivable, access to accounting suites, and billing and invoicing as standard.

Xero is an excellent software solution for business on a small scale, but sooner or later the size of your business will outgrow its capabilities. Without paying for the premium features you risk losing track of your own finances. When you use Dynamics 365 you do not suffer this issue. Additionally, Xero limits their transactions to £4,000 per calendar month. This can seriously hamper the progress of anything other than a small business. Once your business reaches this point it is time to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 is Perfect for a Growing Business

In terms of functionality, Dynamics can offer you more than Xero can in a number of key areas.

  • More extensive supply chain management.

  • Full control of sales and manufacturing software systems.

  • Both warehouse and service management features.

  • Both Cloud and on-premise control.

  • Office integration that is difficult to beat on any other accounting application.

Business Dynamic 365 isn’t just an accounting app. It goes beyond this to become a tailored, fully configurable solution for customer service, warehouse, and manufacturing processes. Dynamics software can even offer you insights when used in conjunction with the integrated office features, providing you with accurate data regarding your own finances.

Is it Time to Upgrade?

With so many bonus features and access to more systems than Xero can provide, isn’t it time you upgraded to Dynamics 365? Both might be exceptional pieces of business-based software but only one is capable of growing alongside you as your business booms.

Learn more about upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup or contact us today to find out how we can help your business to move on from outdated, restrictive accounting software!

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