PowerApps - 2019 Release Wave 2

Microsoft Power Platform is now the go-to solution for unifying business processes. Through the integration of Office 365 and Dynamic 365 features, Microsoft is creating the perfect platform for simplifying and optimising workflows in different businesses and industries.

The roadmap for Microsoft Power Platform and its components is very interesting. Microsoft is initiating Wave 2 of the update plan, adding new features and improvements to components of the platform. Microsoft PowerApps is one of the components that will receive a lot of interesting updates.

What’s New in Release Wave 2?

As mentioned before, there are several updates planned for Microsoft PowerApps, some of which have been in development since earlier this year. AI Builder is one of those updates. The feature has been in Microsoft’s pipeline since July 2019, and it will be officially made available later in October.

AI Builder Makes Life Easier

As the name suggests, AI Builder is how analysts and app makers can add intelligence to their solutions. AI Builder simplifies the process of integrating artificial intelligence into smart apps for businesses and users.

It is powered by Microsoft AI that is wrapped in a simple user interface. You don’t have to be a data scientist to create AI-based functions with this new feature added to Release Wave 2 of Microsoft Power Apps.

Canvas Components and features around this new element are also very interesting. The new canvas approach makes developing apps for multiple devices easier, since you only need to design the app once for it to work across different devices.

PowerApps Power Up

On the integration side, PowerApps now support data loss prevention policy better. Admins and analysts can enforce certain policies that govern the way data is handled without having to dig deep into how the Power Apps are designed.

Better integration with Power BI is also among the updates that arrived in October 2019. This may seem like a minor update – considering how well PowerApps already worked with Microsoft Power BI – but the features added to this update include automatic filters and row-level security (RLS).

Scalability is a big focus on Release Wave 2. Users and admins will certainly love the ability to share PowerApps with users outside of your domain. This means apps created on the Power Platform can be used by third-party users if needed.

The possibilities are endless in the B2C and B2B landscape. The sharing feature can be used to bring vendors, stakeholders, and customers closer to business processes, resulting in higher efficiency level and elevated rate of business growth.

What’s Next?

There are a lot of new features added to the Microsoft PowerApps and the Power Platform as a whole, but the features that have been made available this October aren’t the only interesting features from Microsoft. Microsoft also has some interesting updates already in the pipeline.

The release of cmdlets for admins within Microsoft PowerApps will not happen until March 2020, but the feature has already gotten a lot of attention. We have seen a preview of this feature last year, but the shell interface will not be available to PowerApps users until later.

Better enterprise connectivity will be a huge plus when it arrives in December 2019. It makes PowerApps compatible with existing enterprise database solutions, including SQL Server and Azure AD for authentication.

Logging, Lookups and Filters

Microsoft is also improving logging, lookups and filters across the PowerApps ecosystem. In fact, the company is working to integrate these features across the entire Power Platform ecosystem. Even smaller features like support for inline images are worth waiting for.

From the additions seen on the roadmap, one thing is clear: Microsoft is seriously positioning PowerApps and the Power Platform ecosystem as a collaborative tool and a capable foundation for more business solutions. The addition of AI is also a clear sign of automation taking over the world of business and improving efficiency at a staggering rate.

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