10 Facts about Microsoft Dynamics 365

Executing strategy and achieving desired business results has never been accomplished faster than since businesses adopted the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365. By allowing easy digital access to all manner of data by employees and management across the business, Dynamics 365 has allowed for a better flow of information, quicker decision making, and greater sales.

While this suite of solutions has worked well for many organisations and continues to grow in popularity across various industries, there is still room for improvement, as demonstrated by the Wave 2 release at the beginning of October 2019.

With over 400 updates, upgrades and new apps to look forward to, key aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365 continue to make it a market leader and well worth the investment for businesses of any size.

1. The Unified Interface (UI)

With many sales and marketing employees working on the go, the UI has helped in providing a seamless experience that allows them access data the same way on any device. The mobile-friendly solution makes it so that any handheld device, of any size and orientation, can present data the same way as when working from the desktop.

2. Always Available

Dynamics 365 is always available to its users, 24/7, online or offline, and on any device (as mentioned above). For employees that are on the go, this accessibility to information whenever they need it means the ability to make decisions faster and based on factual data. This is an excellent means of promoting better productivity and drive more sales.

3. Enhanced User Collaboration

By providing access to an array of communication channels including email, video calls, file sharing, and online meetings there is an improved flow of information and discussion that makes it easier for team members to work cohesively. Any department that deals in customer interactions can keep everyone updated and make better decisions that will also drive sales.

4. Better Targeted Marketing

With Dynamics for Marketing, there is better information sharing between marketing and sales teams. As leads are generated, there is better opportunity to personalise marketing strategies and track progress as information is shared and updated. The ROI from marketing efforts can also be better analysed and the data used to guide future strategies.

5. AI and Machine Learning

It is difficult for a human to fully comprehend what data collection entails and how certain information can be of beneficial use to the business. Through AI and machine learning, Microsoft is looking to help businesses better understand the hidden potential in the masses of data collected daily to acquire useful insights that can guide users and departments towards actionable plans. The Relationship Assistant is a recent feature that helps peruse and assess data and behaviours, to generate action cards that enrich and encourage better customer relationships.

6. Customer Insights

Assembling of all data related to a single customer in one place is now a simple matter with the Customer insights feature. Everything from transactions to behavioural data is put together, offering an excellent 360° view of all that relates to the client, making it easier to make assessments and track progress. This feature helps save a lot of time spent shifting from one application to another to gather data.

7. Making Work Fun

Through Gamification, Dynamics 365 offers employees the chance to participate in individual and team-based competitions related to certain KPIs. They are motivated by prizes, privileges, awards, and recognition. This feature encourages collaborations on fun and engaging activities that seek to drive participation and performance.

8. Data Collection

The Wave 2 release will help to enhance Dynamics 365 for Sales by allowing users in the field to simply scan business cards using their mobile devices and have that data digitally captured and automatically populated within Dynamics. No more wasting time having to tap in data into different fields while trying to complete other missions.

9. Customised Packaging and Pricing

Dynamics 365 provides support for various departments including sales, operations, HR, finance, and retail. Not all businesses require the whole comprehensive package and can now seek to invest in just a few modules needed. Under the two editions, Business and Enterprise, organisations can choose from several subscription plans, opting for what suits their needs best, at flexible prices.

10. Regular Releases

Microsoft carries out two major releases each year that help provide new applications, features and upgrades that enhance user experience and adds value to the business and its operations. This is in addition to the weekly updates that are used to improve performance and work out kinks.

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