Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with Dynamics 365

For most people, the terms artificial intelligence is something out of sci-fi movies and TV shows. In reality, however, it has become something you may already be using in your business. AI technology in general terms, refers to software that has been programmed to make decisions on its own, even in scenarios that may not have been predicted by programmers. The software is designed to have human-like tendencies, particularly the ability to learn and problem solve.

With adequate computational power, now easier thanks to cloud services, AI can analyse Big Data, pick up on hidden patterns and communicate relevant information to human users. Users of the Dynamics 365 platform will continually add new data that can with time form big datasets that can prove meaningless to humans.

AI and machine learning can process these mountains of data and more collected by the internet of things, at a much faster rate than any human brain and provide valuable predictions that can help enhance its decision-making ability and that of its users.

Key Dynamics 365 AI Offerings

At Microsoft, efforts have long been made to integrate AI into Dynamics 365, with great success having been achieved. Let us look at some of the top AI features that have had a strong impact on productivity and sales.

Customer Insights

This feature helps to drive productivity by providing users with a 360° holistic view of customers. By populating all the data related to a single customer using AI and machine learning, there is easy access to in-depth customer profiles, AI recommendations on the next step of action, and actionable workflows developed based on customer signals.

Sales Insights

This tool allows users to collect data on sales calls. From customer conversation content to emotion, it becomes possible to learn what encourages a positive response from clients and can be replicated with others. AI has been used to not only provide this useful analysis, but also generate insights into sales leads, at-risk deals, and even pinpoint emerging customer needs. This can spur further action in developing product lines and identifying competitor mentions.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service

The use of bots in handling customer queries has become more widespread. You will likely have noticed their use on websites chat functions and when making customer service voice calls where you are directed to punch in certain numbers guided by the nature of your query. For businesses, this function helps in being able to handle multiple queries simultaneously, while freeing up the human user to handle more complex activities. Dynamics 365 allows human agents to develop, monitor, and empower bots to undertake multiple functions, without the need of a developer.

Challenges to AI Adoption by Businesses

According to a survey by McKinsey, only about half of businesses have adopted AI in one of their business operations, with about 21% having it integrated into multiple areas. This low uptake has been attributed to a focus on the technology rather than the business outcomes it offers.

A lack of suitably qualified data science professionals is another problem faced. Being an emerging field, it is no wonder that there are so few professionals with the requisite skillset to undertake AI development in the many organisations.

There is also an inherent fear associated with AI. Many employees fear being replaced by new technology, and this often leads to lower productivity, poor efficiency, and distraction from important goals. This also leads to a lack of motivation in developing this expertise.

The D365 Solution

To tackle these challenges, Microsoft has already worked on multiple tools and upgrades to Dynamics 365 that now utilise AI. These changes work with existing functions, offering better value, without need to take a class in data science. AI tools can be accessed through workflows, allowing users to exploit them to their own benefit, driving more innovation and productivity. Through Dynamics 365, AI adoption is simplified, allowing employees to leverage this technology to achieve more and free themselves up to focus on more important goals.

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