Modernise Restaurant POS

The restaurant business is easily one of the most competitive industries and one in which it pays to keep up with the trends. POS systems have proven very helpful in delivering products and services to clients by allowing for easy facilitation of payments. These systems are however more than just executing a cashless transaction, they offer more benefits that can be useful in further modernising your business and gaining bigger benefits.

Invest in Suitable Equipment

Just as with any other piece of machinery, there are variations in the market. Depending on the size of the business and functionality desired, it would be advisable to choose a POS system with the features you need. A good way to go about this is to make enquiries with other businesses that have already adopted this technology and find out what kind of performance they are experiencing.

If you already have your own POS system, talk to your staff to find out what kind of problems they are facing, if any, and then decide if you will retain the same or look for a better option. Do consider an upgrade to EMV compliant devices that can better cater to the use of increasingly popular chip-based cards. Also, consider upgrading to mobile POS machines over legacy systems so customers can complete their transactions at the table.

Utilise Analytical Functions

Many restaurant owners and managers just focus on payment facilitation of POS machines, forgetting the wealth of useful data they also provide that can better guide such decisions as menu options, inventory purchases, and staffing levels. As more customers use this option of payment, it allows for more data to be digitally collected and used to view patterns that are less obvious with cash transactions. Customer loyalty programs can be easily based off such data that tracks customer spending habits.

All this data can even be reviewed remotely, allowing for more timely decision making that makes for a better bottom line. Being able to identify the most popular items on the menu means you can make quick changes that will guide inventory orders and increase ROI.

Enhance Customer Relationship

CRM can be improved by using data collected from these transactions to learn more about what your customers like best. This can help in formulating personalised promotions, rewards, and loyalty programs that will encourage their repeat business.

When you already have a strong idea of customer spending patterns, it is simple to customise marketing campaigns that will appeal to what they like best and encourage more spending. In the restaurant business, the right approach can also encourage existing customers to draw in others by making offers that call for them to come with others to secure deals.

Encourage Staff to Join In

The success of POS implementation hinges greatly on the willingness of servers to use the devices. Many would prefer cash transactions for simplicity’s sake and ensure they get a cash tip in hand. Training is important so anyone ignorant of handling such devices gains confidence. Some advanced POS systems are in-built with training functions that can allow employees to learn about the system at their own pace. Have meetings so they can raise any issues of concern, and also to learn which brands and types of POS devices would work best for your customers and staff.

Keeping your staff in the loop with any changes or upgrades you intend to make will make their acceptance of the new technology easier. Also, consider using systems that integrate other functions like placing orders and tip options that will make service faster and boost morale. Pre-programmed tipping options are great for making the process easier for customers while keeping staff happy.

We’ve partnered with Aures and LS Retail, leading providers of restaurant POS systems and software globally, to help bring smarter and more efficient operations, customer interactions and business insights to restaurant businesses just like yours. Interested to learn more? Contact Dynavics today.

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