Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - For The Future

The next major update of Dynamics 365 is scheduled to happen from October 2019 through to March 2020.

The release will give access to the enhancements made on Dynamics 365 applications. These improvements are a range of innovations impacting on business process applications to transform your business.

Specifically, there are new improved features for sales, marketing, field service, customer service, project service automation, finance and operations, retail, talent, and business central.

Overview for Business Central on Dynamics 365 2019 Release Wave 2
The Business Central suite is designed to provide a complete business application solution optimised for small and midsized businesses (SMBs). With its launch on April 2018, the suite has helped many businesses to digitally transform their applications. The October 18 update enhanced the suite with on-premises deployments while the April 19 update targeted improvement in the productivity of users.

The coming October 2019 update focuses on the centrality of the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) environment for users seeking all manner of solutions for Business Central. The update will, therefore, speed up the creation of this environment so that both old and new customers can establish themselves on Business Central online. To achieve this, strategic new features have been incorporated in the application with the 2019 release.

Even though lots of the new features for Business Central are optimum for use by analysts, administrators and makers; this article highlights the features of the suite directly beneficial to the end-user.

New User End Features for Business Central
Application enhancements
The October 2019 release will enhance the application and improve performance in the following ways:

•    Users will be able to automatically cancel any finance charge memo or reminders that have already been issued

•    When posting, transferring line descriptions to general ledger items will be enabled.

•    Even with some lines blocked, the ‘copy document’ function will be accessible

•    It will be possible to assign longer cross reference numbers to items

Modern clients
New features under this option will target issues related to speed and productivity, so that both fresh and expert users can have a top-notch browsing experience.

The new features include:

•        You will be able to customise your navigation menu by adding new links

•        Including links and notes to data will be enabled

•        A capability overview will be accessed with ease

•        New improvements to Excel integration

•        You now have automatic support for the entire keyboard shortcut

•        The user can utilise the adjustments made to the general user experience

•        You have a lengthier timeout period on server connection

•        You can customise navigation on your home page to suit personal preferences

•        You can perform advanced report filtering

•        You now need lesser clicks to resize columns

•        You can personalise the way you view and save lists

•        When on Outlook, you will be able to switch across companies in your inbox

•        You will not need to write code when customising a user profile

•        You can automatically select multiple values to filter option fields

•        Open more tabs so you can multitask and switch between tabs

•        You can enter data faster and with more ease.

Service fundamentals
The new features under this option will ensure that the quality of service quality precedes the growth in service usage. Among the five new features for service fundamentals, using the lock-free number option will be specifically useful for end-users.

Final word
The October 2019 Dynamics 365 release announces excellent opportunities for growth and transformation for SMBs. From an end-user perspective, the new features for Business Central are not only a rebranding achievement for Microsoft but also for businesses that are keen about their future business success prospects.

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