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Interested in what features are coming as part of the 2019 Release Wave 2 across Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications? Read on for more information.

Email is very important to salespeople but navigating between different software and pages to access your data can be annoying. The good news is that you can have all of your information available without the hassle. The latest Dynamics 365 applications come with advanced features that help make it easier for you to access different platforms

Users can now interact with their LinkedIn contacts from within Dynamics 365. More functionality is also added thanks to the Microsoft Teams integration. By using the Teams channel, relevant members can now be suggested on connection.

A simplified signup experience offers the opportunity to first test out the trial signup and eventually upgrade to full version purchases. Sales reps can also use the softphone dialler and dial numbers from within the browser. Integrating your telephone provider with Dynamics 365 directly will enable you to make calls with just one click.

Business card scanning is a highly requested feature that has also been added. You can scan cards via mobile or web, and have all pertinent information stored right away. Also added is the complete customisation of dialogue close boxes, that can provide more valuable insight.

New features in Dynamics 365 Business Central

There are new enhancements that have greatly improved the Dynamics 365 Business Central application performance.

  • The copy document function now provides notifications on blocked document lines from source documents when creating new documents.

  • Application lifecycle management now expands the scope of tools available to partners when plotting out the lifecycle of the customer during the migration of data to the Business Central service.

  • Independent software vendor solutions can now be more easily streamlined to Dynamics 365, with numerous add-on solutions.

  • Migrations and integrations to the latest version of Dynamics 365 for Business Central from On-Premises and older versions have now been enabled to allow for seamless transfer of data.

  • The legacy development tool has been retired in this update. A more modern language uses Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, and AL.

New features in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Creating knowledge-based articles is more effective than ever, with upgraded knowledge management. Authors can now use article templates to reuse common content and maintain consistent branding and messaging. The knowledge management search and rendering enhancement now has full range, allowing the filtering down of any attribute you want as an option.

A service scheduling tool will now help in data migration from legacy scheduling to new scheduling. Timeline usability has also been enhanced, enabling customers to easily view large amounts of data, while improved filtering and information visibility now allows users to find data more efficiently.

Omnichannel for customer service allows for a customisable approach to communicating with customers across varied channels. With integration to Customer Service Insights, supervisors and managers will have access to data that details which support operations are having the strongest impact on customer satisfaction. Macros and bot assisted agent guidance have also been implemented to help automate responses to queries with ease.

New features in Dynamics 365 for Retail

A key new feature here is the new data fidelity checker which allows only verified data to be included in your statement process. Improved Commerce Data Exchange scalability has also been added to enhance the downloading and applying of important data to Channel and Offline databases. The general availability of features while offline has also been expanded.

Auto-updates for the Retail Cloud Scale Unit make staying with the newest version effortless and now allow for improvement to the Network Infrastructure Latency. Early access programs are also offered with this feature. Multiple framework changes now allow for logic customisation, while point of sale workflow can be customised according to business needs.

Brand new APIs now provide a better estimation of on-hand inventory, for optimised fulfilment selection. Independent packaging models have been introduced with the purpose of separating extensions from the core product. Customer-owned secrets can now also be accessed using the Azure Key Vault. An auto-refresh device activation eliminates the need for retailers to reactivate POS devices when activation tokens expire. Mass deployment of components now updates silently to all hardware stations.

New features in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Often, large companies have multiple divisions, each one tailored to a specific range of product or service. Now it will be much easier to synchronise templates, data, and contacts across your whole business with this update.

To better capture customer feedback and satisfaction levels, there is now enhanced support for Surveys using Microsoft Forms Pro. Businesses can now gauge customer experiences and interest by creating a survey designed to collect data that will guide marketing initiative decisions.

With the new Customer Insights app, artificial intelligence is used to get a more detailed view of the customer experience by integrating data from other apps including Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Service, and Sales. This data provides a 360° view of each contact, enabling a clearer view of customer journeys.

Analytical displays can now also be generated to know exactly which customers to target. Businesses can now also access subscription lists from within Dynamics 365 and modify them however desired. In addition, the A/B testing feature allows for easier sampling of different email designs, and the chance to analyse how customers respond to each one. Testing different designs on different sub-groups within the target segment allows for the most effective choices being eventually chosen for wider distribution.

Manage the Flow with Microsoft Flow

Dynamics 365 for Marketing also now offers Microsoft Flow, a customised approval system that can now help with workflow. Managers can now request, approve, delete, delegate, and manage approvals with this feature. The Quick Send feature allows marketers to send out email blasts with swiftness to the masses when there is a need for quick dissemination of information without delving into complicated customer journeys.

With all these new features being added and updated, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 has become the premier choice of an all-in-one software for running and monitoring of your business. Large or small, new or established, all kinds of businesses can make profitable use of Dynamics 365. At Dynavics, you not only get excellent technical support for Dynamics 365 but also regular updates to the latest versions and new features of this software.

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