LS Central 14.01 Released

As a unified commerce system, LS Central helps you keep your business processes all under a single system. You no longer need to create a different IT system for every one of your retail businesses or, struggle to create unreliable communication networks between the systems.

Instead, you can control all the data from each retail at one central point and, therefore, keep track of production and sales. What’s more, you have a complete picture of your business data and customer experience. This allows you to create fulfilling customer experiences.

On July 9, 2019, LS Central 14.01 was released. The release offers new functions in inventory calculations. You also have free access to LS Insight. But what exactly is new or improved in the system?

You Have New Features at the Stationary and Mobile Point of Sale

Customise receipt printing at the point of sale

With this feature, you can determine the mode of receipt printing; whether for every transaction or only for some transactions. By doing so, you not only save on printing, but your business will also reduce its carbon footprint.

Run centralised control of the mobile point of sale

This new option supports simplified configuration and maintenance. In other words, you can now customise the access options for specific features at the LS mobile point of sale.

You Have More Replenishment Choices

Set flexible intervals for inventory calculations

Using the available calculation functions, you can select the transfer and purchase orders of the week that will be calculated. You can also modify replenish intervals so that the purchase of goods fits your business requirements. For example, you may want to restock goods that are in season to take advantage of their being plentiful or capitalise on promotional deals.

The new inventory calculation calendar allows you to set calculation dates for future business periods and assign them a batch for restocking calculations.

Minimise the efforts of maintenance by calculating stock coverage periods

The feature allows you to calculate the length of time that stock in warehouses and stores will last and be able to meet demand. This calculation will inform your restocking decisions and calculations. The feature also lets LS Central calculate the coverage days value using profile rules. This means that the calculations refer to the period before the next restocking calculation and other relevant details such as days when the location is closed, the type of good and the time needed for the replenish process among others.

Mark supplier holiday calendars

The feature allows you to mark days when suppliers are on vacation and, hence, unable to supply goods. In consequence, the unavailable suppliers are excluded from the calculations of the specific period. The feature also allows you to promptly adjust calculations to put into account decreased demand during vacation periods.

Improved Features at the Hardware Station

The organisation of the log is simplified

With a feature easier to understand, you can now create a log file daily. These logs are organised in folders, one for each month. By doing so, the size of your logs is reduced and their organisation in folders allows you to easily trace them when needed.

GlobalPay is now supported

The improvements to this feature under LS Pay now allows the use of GlobalPay for those in the US and Canada.

Simplified URL Setting

For both the Android and the IOS operating systems, it is now easier to use the URL setting. You can specify company and tenant details with the Android version. You continue to enjoy the Nav User Password authentication feature already existent in the iOS version.

You Have Free Access to LS Insight

True to the announcement made in April, you now have free access to LS Insight. This cloud-based suite is supported by LS Central or LS Nav versions from 2015 onwards. If you are a partner or customer of LS Retail, you can set up the free feature by requesting the App files.

Learn more about our partnership with LS Retail.

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