Combining the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LS Retail to Transform your Retail Operations

Retail businesses operate in a fast-paced environment that calls for access to information quickly in order to make accurate and timely decisions.

Investing in POS systems helps retail business owners to better oversee the operations from the sales end, all the way to the back-office level. The challenge that most entering into this arena face, is choosing which of the many business management software options in the market to adopt.

LS Retail – Retail Management System

LS Retail is one of the most recognized complete retail management systems that provide access to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central technology. In this way, data flowing from the POS to the general ledger (GL) can be easily viewed and assessed to allow suitable monitoring and control of business operations.

This system comes in three variations tailored for retail businesses:

LS Central

This software allows for easy monitoring of sales channels, whether physical outlets or e- or m-commerce channels. You can get real-time updates on sales, stock levels, distribution, productivity and financials. It allows for an intensive and extensive view of business operations and performance, based on information gathered in one database.

LS One

A light and customisable software that allows for tracking of sales and inventory figures, it also provides access to a slew of reporting and analysis tools for better decision-making. The POS terminals not only facilitate faster end transactions, but also data that can be used for marketing purposes, including customised promotions based on sales patterns and management of loyalty programs.

LS Activity

Tailored for use by businesses in need of event and reservation management, this software integrates to LS Central, providing a simple platform to guide operations from the back end. From booking classes to managing ticket sales, LS Activity offers a unified view of all activities and product movement from a central location. Real-time updates on data help ensure you know the position of such statistics as booking numbers, the staff level needs, accounting and sales.

What are the benefits?

The use of LS Retail software built on Business Central provides multiple benefits for businesses looking to go the automated route.

  • Track business performance from a centralised point in real-time

  • Minimise operational and IT costs with one integrated system

  • Increase efficiency and reduce manual work with automation

  • Provide staff with easy access to information when they need it most

  • Allow customers to quickly and easily make choices and close sales

  • Track inventory levels and distributions across multiple warehouses and stores

  • Collect data to better advise on personalised customer marketing and loyalty programs

Without the real-time and accurate data that retail software solutions like LS Retail provide, many businesses tend to miss vital sales due to such issues as poorly timed purchase orders, misdirected marketing efforts, and incorrect reporting. Choose to keep your business strong and growing by using technology that improves the timing and quality of your decisions.

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