Doing More with Jet Reports and Dynamics 365

The Jet Reports add-on for Dynamics 365 is a helpful tool in generating quick and useful financial reports. You no longer need to have coding or programming knowledge to work out how to access financial data in Excel and generate understandable reports. This unique enhancement allows for the data in selected Excel workbooks to be used to generate precise reports within the same space.

Better Accuracy

Human errors are commonplace when there is the manual transfer of data from one program to another. Inaccuracies also tend to increase where the organisation has many projects, departments, and companies from which to draw data from. Even a single figure mistake can have a devastating effect on business performance if it influences certain decision-making.

With Jet reports, there is no need for these risk-prone movements as real-time data is utilised from the Dynamics 365 database you are familiar with to generate accurate and timely reports. These platforms are well-secured ensuring no data tampering or corruption. You can be assured of relying on accurate reports whose source data does not go through any risky migration.

No Specialised Training

Because this add-on works within Excel and comes with multiple easy to understand templates, you should be able to quickly master its use within a matter of hours. No coding or programming expertise is required. Pre-built cubes, data warehouses, shared publishing platform, and dashboards can help enhance your understanding and presentation of reports.

The use of Jet Reports allows anyone with access within the organization to generate customized reports most related to their position without the need to seek help from the IT or accounting departments. They can tailor the reports according to their own needs. This saves on time and allows for better allocation of human resources.

Work Anywhere

This cloud-based solution means that you need not be bound to your office desk. You can easily work on reports while on the go, or even from home, by accessing your data via Excel Online or the Jet Hub. This flexibility is great for allowing freedom of movement and ensuring data being used is as up to date as possible.

The ability to access reports via mobile devices and share with individuals or groups also enhances the quality of financial and strategic decisions made. You can make your decisions based on the most current data, and have others understand it easily, as they will be able to view the same reports and source data as you when shared.

Gaining valuable insights into how your business or department is performing at any given time has never been simpler. With this solution, you can efficiently and accurately generate customised reports for better strategising and decision-making, all within the familiar Excel interface.

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