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Project-based businesses have come to rely heavily on CMAP software as a means of tracking progress and profitability. This software has done much by making it easy for users to access an all-in-one platform where they can centrally input all transactions and process accounting data.

With the new CMAP integration for Business Central, the use of these technologies has evolved to a higher level. This partnership, facilitated by Dynavics, allows for seamless transfer of accounting data between CMAP and Business Central.

As users input data for sales invoices, purchase invoices and personal expenses on CMAP; this information is then pushed through to Business Central where it can be posted to the general ledger (GL).

Below is a brief on how each transfer gets done.

Sales Invoice

Once you have generated a sales invoice in CMAP, the information transfers immediately into the Business Central integration window under the ‘Open Sales’ section. Click on this to find a listing of all sales invoices that have been transferred but are yet to be processed. When you click on the ‘Process’ button, you get a preview of the entries that will be generated before posting to the GL. If you would rather not preview the transactions, then simply setup the complete automation of the process through the interface control.

Purchase Invoice & Personal Expenses

Both these transactions follow a similar pattern. Once you input the data in CMAP and it is approved, the information is pulled through to the ‘Open Purchases’ section for purchase invoices, and the ‘Open Expenses’ section for personal expenses. Here you can review the information and again preview the entries before posting to the GL.

Common reference points are created between CMAP and Business Central via the recording of original invoice numbers. For sales invoices, they are referred to as ‘Pre-Assigned No.’, while for purchase invoices and expense claims, ‘Vendor Invoice No.’. ‘Posting Date’s’ can also be issued back to CMAP once posted in Business Central, synchronising data in both environments.

This integration by Dynavics has helped marry top-of-the-line business software in such a way that neither side loses out. Previous attempts to create a single software that combines both project accounting with GL accounting has usually resulted in one of the two sides becoming weaker. This innovative approach allows the strengths of both to remain unaffected while maintaining a bridge for easy flow of data.

Review Impact

With both the operational and financial side of the business being able to share and update data seamlessly, there is a better ability to review the immediate impact of transactions on the business bottom line and make timely decisions.

For any business already using CMAP and looking to upgrade their ERP system with Business Central, or vice versa, this partnership offers an excellent opportunity to add value and better streamline data flow. Small to medium enterprises should find this business management solution helpful as they grow and need to find ways of keeping increasingly complex transactions understandable.

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