Your B2B eCommerce portal for Dynamics 365

Your B2B eCommerce portal for Dynamics 365

Sana eCommerce uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bring together all of your product information and business intel, creating a powerful, user-friendly web store. By having a real-time eCommerce interface integrated with your back-office Dynamics 365 system, you can have real-time, accurate, business logic:

  • 100% integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Installation, full integration, configuration and go-live within 7 days

  • No waiting time for customers with 24/7 access

  • Boosts sales with the app – an additional sales channel, even offline

  • Greater loyalty from your customers

  • Saves time and money

What do you get out of the box?

You can start selling straight away; the starter site comes with a neutral, standard and contemporary design that can be used instantly. You can then configure your online store to any detail easily, whether it’s your branding, store’s identity, content, product descriptions, images, etc.

Key features include search functionality, coupons, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-store, sales-rep login and an account page overview for order history, status, etc. The starter site also contains the extensive content management system and features to increase sales by recommending related items to your online shoppers.

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