Dynamics 365 for Marketing

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can generate more leads across multiple-channels and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond basic email marketing with personalised experiences. With the ability to track marketing performance, you can make smarter decisions and improve marketing ROI by using customer insights.

Connect your customer experience with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

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365 Marketing: Campaigns

Multi-channel campaigns

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can create and run multi-channel campaigns to attract the best leads from email marketing, web landing pages, LinkedIn, webinars, phone calls and events. You can:

  • easily create professional emails, landing pages, forms, and surveys using simple drag and drop design tools and configurable templates
  • target the right audience and bring leads from LinkedIn by easily connecting with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • organise events and webinars to generate more leads, strengthen relationships, and close more deals
  • easily import leads from marketing lists using familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel.
365 Marketing: Lead Management

Lead management

Generate leads by using real-time information to create highly relevant, perfectly timed messages. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can easily track campaigns and analyse results, building profitable long-term relationships. You can also:

  • develop a deep understanding using 360-degree view of every lead that includes latest information and interactions
  • easily set up and guide the buyer’s journey based on their behaviour across multi-steps and multi-channel campaigns
  • prioritise leads for wins by setting up multiple lead scoring models and sales readiness grades.
365 for Marketing: Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing alignment

Connect your teams to close more deals! You can align your sales and marketing teams using this solution that lives together with Dynamics 365 for Sales on the same platform to -

  • securely share one source of information about contacts, leads, and customers to understand how every interaction impacts results
  • prioritise leads based on campaign behaviour, and enable teams to focus on high-value prospects
  • connect sales and marketing processes to automate nurture, hand-off, and track the progress of every lead
  • use familiar Office 365 tools to work together with colleagues, leads, and customers.
365 Marketing: Analytics

Marketing analytics

Increase your marketing ROI by tracking campaign performance and identifying your best lead sources and marketing activities with configurable dashboards. By bringing together sales and marketing results, you can help track and increase your impact on your business by -

  • getting a complete picture about demand for your products or services
  • managing a healthy leads pipeline by identifying leads in various stages, removing any bottlenecks, and delivering more high-quality leads
  • knowing which type of campaign activities trigger your best leads to repeat them, and
  • conducting online surveys to better understand your customer needs.
365 for Marketing: Events

Event management

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can organise events with ease. Attract more attendees and improve event experiences by managing webinars and in-person events with an easy-to-use portal. You'll be able to:

  • organise your teams to generate more leads, strengthen relationships and close more deals
  • create webinars and simulcasts with attendance metrics—in partnership with industry-leading webinar provider ON24
  • manage in-person event registration, speakers, attendee logistics, sponsors and venue rooms, and
  • review attendance history to generate leads and follow up to strengthen relationships.
365 Marketing: Cloud

Know your customers

Creating a seamless customer experience starts with well-connected tools. By unifying your sales and marketing content, data, and processes together with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud, you gain a complete view of your customer.

You’ll know about all the interactions customers have had with you to help create a seamless experience for them—whether they’re responding to your marketing campaigns or speaking with your sales team. This enables you to

  • deliver consistent messaging between sales and marketing
  • increase retention rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase close rates
  • drive revenue and marketing ROI with campaign management tools.

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